5 Naughty New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a New Year New you right? Have you kick started those resolutions? We here at Sydney escorts have decided it’s time to add an offbeat type of resolution. Think naughty and sexy resolutions that will keep the sexual fireworks alive right through to next year. these resolutions won’t be hard to stick to because they are giving your sex life a huge kick start and they are enjoyable!! We’re gathering you were more than likely far too saintly in 2014, so now’s the time to kick 2015 in to gear with some incredibly dirty habits…

1. More is More

Can you remember how many times you had one on ones last year? Well that’s so last year 2015 is the year of the threesome! Step outside your comfort zone for a threesome with one of our hot Sydney escorts. It’s now the time to bury your face between four breasts instead of two and get sucked off whilst you screw in a threesome, gluttonous heaven.

2. Creative Lunch breaks

Fed up of heading to Starbucks on your 1-hour lunch break? Why not skip your regular Panini, and instead pick up some peaches and cream and spend a naughty lunch licking it off a luscious lady? Nothing like a little afternoon delight to keep your energy levels up for those afternoon meetings.

3. Getting Your Five A Day

Feeling a little neglected and like you need to work on your fitness? If the lady in your life is too busy to give it to you five times a day then we’re sure we know a girl or two who’ll be able to keep you satisfied. We insist on the “five a day” routine to get your fitness levels back on track. For obvious sexual health reasons you need to do at least five sexual positions a day to keep your cock nice and strong. We feel this is not too hard a task for any hot blooded male and our horny escorts in Sydney can help you with a variety of positions just to keep the boredom at bay. To name a few our luscious ladies will provide you with missionary, counter top, cowboy and standing up as this will give your cock the work out it needs to stay in peak condition. All men need five a day!

4. Get a new job

Tired of always doing the hard work? Why not spend 2015 getting more blow jobs and hand jobs, after all we’re sure you deserve to lie back and relax once in a while and watch as your partner brings you to ecstasy. However this one does come with a warning! If you are using your partner you may be asked to reciprocate once in a while. That is why occasionally you may decide to go with one of our hot escorts in Sydney for there is no need to reciprocate here …just pure pampering all to yourself.

5. Dress Better

Tired of always wearing sensible suits and ties? Why not slip into something a little more fun and sensuous whilst being dominated by a 5’8” siren in PVC as she tells you exactly what she wants to do to you? Making time for dress up and role play to spice up your sex life is a great resolution. Once a month book a hotel room and meet your partner in the hotel lobby bar. Give yourself new identities and flirt with each other to ignite the spark and get that sexual appetite in overdrive. Of course if you don’t have a partner we have plenty of stunning and sexy adult entertainers who specialise in fantasies creating a very memorable sexual experience.  Enquire now