5 Sex Positions to Try this Month

So we’re not here to tell you what you should like, but we do know a thing or two about getting down and dirty. We’ve tried out a plethora of positions, and if you’re a fan of adventurous sexual escapades then we think you’ll enjoy some of our favourite sex positions of the month.

The Linguine

Perhaps not one to try if you’ve just gorged on a bowl of the stuff, to master this one, lie the girl on her side whilst you kneel directly behind her ass, leaning slightly over her, and push one knee between her legs to penetrate the girl, with one hand on her back for support. And the reason this position is called The Linguine? The girl must remain as limp and bendy as possible to pull this one off!

The Octopus

It may sound like you’ll need 8 legs present to complete this one, but it’s totally doable with just two to tango. If you sit on the floor (or any firm surface you can find) with your hands on the ground behind you and spread your legs, bending them slightly at the knee, then get your lady to straddle your lap, whilst facing you with her legs rested on your shoulders. It may sound complicated but it will allow for deep penetration, making sure you hit the spot!

Randy Recliner

This is one that will allow you to sit back, relax and let the ladies do all the work. Finding a reclining chair or bench narrow enough that would allow a girl to straddle it, simply lay back whilst the girl lowers herself onto your cock whilst she faces away and gets to work whilst you make her sweat.

Sexy Seesaw

If you have the pleasure of a bendy partner, then this is one sex position you’re going to enjoy. All it requires is for the girl to bring her legs right over her head until they’re by her ears, whilst you kneel with your torso flush to the back of her thighs as you rock back and forth in a seesaw motion for your pleasure.

G-Spot Jig

Ok, so this is just plain old doggy style, but we thought we’d jazz it up with a new name. Simply turn your playmate away from you, and enjoy going to town whilst her butt cheeks bounce and jiggle in front of you.