5 Sexual Fantasies All Women Want To Make Reality

Sexual fantasies are just that because they typically don’t happen in real life. Our ladies at Sydney Escorts are just the ticket with their imaginative dirty minds making most fantasies come to life behind closed doors with total discretion. So here’s just a sneak peak into some of their wildest fantasies.

 A Steamy Gym Session

Here we have a fit and toned woman who works out very early in the morning before she heads off for an executive business meeting. This morning she has the gym all to herself so she goes hard on the cardio machine causing beads of perspiration to trickle down her neck and pert breasts. You arrive at the gym and cant contain yourself so you go over to say hello, approaching her from behind she’s suddenly aware she’s no longer alone. With her chest heaving from the works out you can see she is hot and horny for you.  Your hands make their way around her waist and inside her leggings as you pull her off the treadmill. The air is electric and  her tight ass is comforted by your warm throbbing crotch as you pull down her g-string play with her clit your cock getting harder against her. Just as she was about to cool down, it turns out, this gym session is far from over…

 A Hunk Comes To Fix Her Pipes

A beautiful babe waits alone for the plumber – her pipes have burst and she’s helpless. Hearing a knock at the door, she runs to answer it only to find you on the other side. Looking into each other’s eyes, you’re overcome with sexual attraction, she is the ultimate damsel in distress but is distracted by her desire for you. You sense the attraction and take her against the wall as your cock grows hard you’re so close you can feel her dampness as you lift up her skirt, and thrust your rock hard dick between her legs. She wraps her legs around you and you both orgasm within seconds.

 Sex In The Workplace

Wearing a tight skirt and blouse, a professional girl with a pretty face is about to leave work for the night when you call her into your office. As her boss, she has fantasised about you in bed more than once. She enters your office, and you close the door behind her. Wishing to be dominated by you, she feels your skin on her neck, and you kiss her gently. You whisper to her “Do you want me?” and she whispers in reply, “Yes”, and pops the buttons on her blouse to reveal her bare breasts. You bend her over your desk, ripping her skirt to reveal her lace panties, and insert your throbbing cock inside her tight pussy.

 Getting It On In The Great Outdoors

While having a seemingly innocent picnic in the park romance turns raunchy when you slip your hand up your girl’s dress. She tries to resist although with little effor because as soon as your fingers are inside her panties she’s weak. She knows she shouldn’t but the risk of getting caught is making her even more wet and the effort it takes trying not to moan with pleasure just makes her cum even quicker. You expect nothing in return and as soon as she has finished you pick up a strawberry and feed it to her.

 A Quickie At A Party

You’re at a boring party when your sexy lady tells you she’s going to the bathroom. Seizing your opportunity to have an amazing private party and give you both a high you follow her inside locking the door behind you. Surprising her with your presence you pick her up and sit her on the sink sliding your hands up her bare legs just like a scene from a movie. You pull her dress below her breasts and suck on her nipples while she unzips you and feels for your dick. Spreading her legs wide you enter her with ease, feeling the warmth and moisture of her pussy around your solid cock. You can’t help but moan with pleasure as you release inside her.

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