5 Sexy Scenarios

We at All Sydney escorts know a thing or two about setting the mood, and making sure you gain as much pleasure as possible, whilst in the company of one of our finest high class escorts. So here are a few ideas on how you can maximise your pleasure, through role play scenarios, with one of our girls.


a hot dominatrix dressed in black lingerie

Be submissive and let one of our girls take charge, dominatrix style. You can be the naughty boy who needs teaching a lesson, whilst one of our sexy stiletto-wearing vixens teaches you a lesson. Get down on your knees and do what she says, or you can’t imagine the trouble you’ll get into.

Tantalising Trio

two girls and one guy having a threesome

The ultimate turn on, why not splash out and go for a full on threesome. Get tangled up in sexy long legs and feel the kiss of not one pair of luscious lips, but two from head to toe, as you sit back and enjoy this sexy fantasy.

The Bird Watcher

two girls having sex

If girl-on-girl action sends you wild, then why not even sit back and watch as a pair of girls get touchy feely with each other. You can be the voyeur, whilst they touch and tantalise each other into a frenzy.

Out & About Exhibitionist

a couple having sex outside

The thrill of getting caught will always heighten sexual thrills. Be a little naughty and pick somewhere a little bit public. It’s extremely naughty, and will add to the excitement and adventure of getting your sexual kicks.

Role Play

a sexy teacher

Whether it’s a naughty schoolgirl you’re after, a strict teacher, or even a bunny-eared playmate, role play lets you escape from normal run-of-the-mill sex and brings in the element of kinky fun. Let your imagination run wild with one of our fun-loving excitable girls, and you’ll certainly have a great time.