5 Types Of Ass

Are you more of a boob or a bum man? Well if it’s the latter then you’ll probably be an expert on the different arse shapes that are around. Being a connoisseur of the posterior is no mean fete as you’ve got to know which ones are ripe enough for rumpy pumpy rambunctious fun! There is no surprise in the fact that most men like big tits but an equal amount of men like a round pert bottom …. or another type also we have discovered? With the booty so heavily featured within the pop culture … thank you J-Lo…. it is now the age of the bootylicious bottom. For good reason, its sexy as hell to watch a peachy round bottom gyrate to the groove! Let’s face it guys we know you all have a sneaky perve at big boobs coming towards you but we also know you can perv on an ass without being detected and the thoughts that run through your mind on a peach ass well, one word… anal. So the big bottom has made a comeback but we have discovered from the majority we spoke to it all comes down to shape, size and personal preference. One thing all the boys agreed upon was that the ass is admired just as much as a nice set of tits.

We present to you:

Exhibit A: The Apple Bottom

Its big, round, voluptuous and near good enough to eat. Now before you start thinking this is too big to handle, think again. The apple bottom is not only ripe and round but pert and firm meaning that this girl certainly works out. One to be enjoyed from behind we think there is nothing like taking that shapely ass and doing doggie style from behind so you can see all the curves.

Exhibit B: The Pear

Beware of the pear as it can often come hand in hand with a flat chest, meaning you’ve definitely got to be all about the ass to enjoy a liaison with this fruity fanny. But more often than not the Pear will provide you with plenty of cheek to grab.

Exhibit C: The Pancake

This isn’t quite what you think. The most perfect pancakes will often be found on slim, athletic girls and will look perfectly toned as she bends over to give you a syrupy sweet mouthful. This glorious small tight bottom will be one you see around most offices in Sydney encased in a tight pencil skirt.

Exhibit D: The Cliff Hanger

Now we’ve all seen plenty of twerking bottoms of late and this may have sparked an enthusiasm for ample bottoms that can move by themselves… ok not that sexy, but easier to pinch! It’s a visual sight that will make any man weak at the knees being voluptuous but very firm to touch. It jiggles perfectly in a tight pair of denim jeans and you can’t help stare at this one as it saunters by swaying from side to side.

Exhibit E: The Shelf

Ah the most delectable of arses… for some this is the holy grail of arses… the bum so pert you could eat your cereal off of it. For some this is the holy grail of arses as it is revered as one of the most delectable of arses… the bum so pert so tight you could eat your cereal off of it.

Do you have a particular type that you like to see walk by or are you like some men that just can’t help themselves and are what we call a true connoisseur of all bottoms. This guy just loves to get his hands on all types of asses loving a females bottom no matter what size, shape or type.  So are you a connoisseur or do you have a particular type of ass?

Or I am I being cheeky asking that ? 😉  Check out our cheeky Sydney escorts bottoms here ;-0