5 Ways To Spoil Your Lady

She makes you feel ecstasy giving you all of her attention and she makes sure she looks and feels good for you!  Dont you think it`s only right that you make your Sydney escort feel special in return. Our sexy Sydney escorts suggest these five ways to spoil her and guarantee she’ll be putty in your hands.


Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend was a beautiful genius. Whether naked or dressed to the nines, jewellery makes a girl look and feel a million dollars, so get her something sparkly from Diamond Emporium or Canturi for the next time you see her. Spoil her and you will surely be rewarded. For those sexy girls who have piercings why not buy her diamond jewellery, let the glint of diamonds in the moonlight light the way to ecstasy.


Not only is it delicious, she can also melt it to lick off of your hard cock, so you both win in this case. As only the finest will do, we suggest picking up some treats from Lixie Chocolatier or Koko Black. The taste of chocolate is erotic, it’s a symbol of romance and ladies love it. Did you know that there are a lot of naturally occurring chemicals in chocolate that are either good for us and affect our mood. There’s a chemical that induces feelings, which makes us very happy, so making her happy will definitely lead to a happy ending.


While you may love to be with her in the bedroom, your sexy Sydney escort makes the perfect dinner companion.  Take her to a fancy restaurant like Quay on the Sydney Harbour to wine and dine her.  If you`re feeling energetic why not cook her a special meal for just the two of you in private. Whatever your appetite, there’s no doubt you’ll still have plenty of energy and still be hungry enough to eat her come bed time. Teasing her by ordering aphrodisiacs as an entrée will let her know she is in for a night of hot sizzling passion.


Your Sydney escort will love to dress up, and nothing makes a lady feel sexier than wearing a stunning pair of Yves Saint Laurent or Sergio Rossi high heels straight from Europe. Ask her to leave them on while you thrust deep inside her.  This is a win win situation –  it’s a treat for both of you.


Dressing your Sydney escort in sexy lingerie is just as fun as taking it off. It also provides another sensual experience as you work your way past the silk and lace, not to mention it will go great with those shoes! Your Sydney escort looks delicious in imported lingerie, silk panties stretched over her pert tight buttocks emphasizing the curve of her hip, her full breasts straining against the fabric of her bra, her shapely legs encased in sheer stockings, shown off in glorious perfection by those shoes.

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