A Bi-Curious Encounter

Do you find being in the “norm” run of the mill heterosexual relationship a little predictable, maybe even monotonous? …and the feeling intensifies as the years pass, or maybe this is the case for you after a few months ?!! Monotonous, which of course is not to be confused with monogamous, as they are two entirely different things… but are they in fact, as on pondering the two there seems to be a connection, even an overlap between these concepts …do you get where I’m heading with this?

This conversation is looking at a monotonous monogamous long term heterosexual relationship and how it can often become challenging for the average red blooded male. Sex is always going to lose that initial “I can’t get enough of you” feeling…could be after a few years or maybe less… right? So to keep your relationship happy and content we think you could consider spicing up the action from time to time. Have you ever thought about adding a third person to the mix? This is where the fun begins and that predictable old relationship finds a new spark, or even a raging fire!
Treading carefully to introduce the idea of a threesome with your partner is a definate must. Sounding her or him out delicately and with tact is the key. No one wants to enter a third person into the relationship unless everyone is happy with the idea or it will most definitely end up being a huge failure and let down for all involved. What was once a harmonious, albeit boring yes, but still peaceful and harmonious relationship and sex life, will then turn into a confused sour messed up partnership. But on a more positive note perhaps, like a lot of ladies, yours’ is secretly bi-curious, but too shy to let you know?!??? …let us hope for your sake that this is the case.

Our tip on bringing this subject to life is to start by watching a porn with your partner, making sure that it is one showing a threesome, then lightly suggesting how much fun it looks darling… and perhaps “we should try this babe?” …emphasis on the “ha ha” and of course all said in a jovial manner. You can gage your ladies response I’m sure quite clearly, so as to know if it’s a go go or a NO go!

Let us start with the bad news! No one likes negativity, however if you happened to get the “NO go”… don’t give up hope! You’ve planted the seed and she will most definitely ponder on it, perhaps even fantasize about the suggestion. Even better, she may fantasize about a threesome during your lovemaking sessions, which of course will add that much needed fire and passion to the action! So do not fear gentleman, all is not lost as some woman just need a little time to process the information. But while she is doing that slow processing thing your sex romps together will heat up and perhaps that suggestion was all she needed to get the passion back.

Okay now the good news bit! Congratulations if you got the GO go! This is where the fun begins …..
We all know you might like to see her getting tongue-spun into ecstasy by another woman and as she moans and groans you will be watching while also masturbating as you just can’t help yourself! …this is hot hot hot!!! From this voyeuristic perspective you can see her body writhing with pleasure as your sexy escort of choice kisses and massages your partners swollen breasts… their naked bodies are tangled and rubbing slowly up and down as the tension mounts and the action intensifies… both their mouths are open as they gasp with pleasure, moving and thrusting their hips towards each other as they kiss deeply, their tongues passionately exploring into the others mouth…

Now this is far from monotonous… and it’s kind of monogamous as you are all in agreeance, right? It is a win win situation and everyone walks away happy. So gentleman remember the plan from the top… the slow approach, the threesome porn, the casual suggestion and always the rule that you must get your partners permission. If you need help with any questions on how to get started with putting the spark back into your relationship, then enquire here and we can guide both of you through the booking process and the experience itself.
We always suggest the best genuinely bi-sexual escorts to make this experience “real” and one to remember.