A Time For Experimentation

Being with an escort means you’re in a position to not be judged, and can feel secure in a safe pair of experienced hands, so why not try something new out?

We at Select Sydney Escorts love to switch things up in the bedroom, and therefore we’re willing to adhere to your requests, no matter how individual they are.

If you’re sick of going at it missionary, with a predictable prologue a slight fiddle and tug on your nether regions before getting down to business, then here’s some ideas of what you could try out with one of our girls.

Indulge your senses when it’s hot outside, and get rubbed down with ice cubes and have a fan going in the room to make the dripping ice feel even colder, by the time you feel the hotness of skin to skin you’re body will be tingling all over.

If you feel like a quick freshen up before you get down and dirty, then why not take a shower together with the lights off, again this will awaken your senses, and create a unique environment as you slip and slide over each other in a hot steamy shower.

Ever felt the pure ecstasy of having your g-spot tapped, go on be a bit brave and let her in. If you want to do the same back then a great position to try is to ask her to lie on her stomach whilst you lie on top of her, entering her from behind. Close her legs so yours are on the outside of hers, so you’re in the perfect position to hit her G-spot. This move will be mind-blowing for both of you.

Fed up of doing all the work? Lie down completely still whilst she straddles you and moves her hips in circles, stirring you into a frenzy.

Go ahead, and mix it up, after all, you came for a good time.