Playtime as Adult Work: What You’ll Learn as an Escort


New South Wales is the best place to work as a pleasure provider in Australia. Adult jobs Sydney enjoys almost complete decriminalisation and has even served as a model for other places. Adult employment in Sydney is generally celebrated, and because Sydney sexual service providers enjoy such immense welcome, there is only room for these individuals to grow.  

Looking to work as an escort in Sydney? This line of work may seem intimidating or difficult at face value, but then when you dive deeper into it, you’ll find that it offers plenty of learning opportunities for you to improve not just as a sexual service provider but also as a businesswoman, colleague, and person in general. Many seasoned escorts grew up to become intelligent, fierce, independent, and headstrong women who rely only on themselves to achieve their goals. Want to become one of them? In this article, learn a few of the many lessons and realisations you’ll gain by working as a female high-class escort in Sydney.  

It’s more than what you think it is 

Contrary to popular belief, escorting is not a “get in, get off, get out” game. As an escort, what you’re truly paid for is your companionship. An escort is a professional in the business of hospitality. She is a provider of physical as well as emotional experiences, and both are rooted in empathy and connection. (Yes, there are even a few instances where an escort does not go to bed with her client; instead, she dines with him, drinks with him, laughs with him, and generally has a good time.) 

Take the girlfriend experience, for example. As the name suggests, the escort acts as the client’s girlfriend. She goes on proper dates with him, does a lot of cuddling and kissing, engages in deep conversation. Sometimes, escorts, especially those who have had multiple bookings with a client, become a client’s shoulder to cry on when their lives outside of the bedroom fall out of place. Of course, there is some bedtime action to be expected, if that is what’s agreed to, but the point is – that’s not all there is to it.  

On the other hand, there’s the porn star experience: the service that requires escorts to act the way ladies do in porn films. What they do is they turn porn fantasies into realities: they get in character and act accordingly. By realising fantasies, they’re able to provide not just sex, but a specific version of it – sex with a story involved, or where kinks and fetishes are explored and paid attention to. This means that it’s the entirety of the experience that clients are after, the mental and emotional rush of performing in your own porn. It’s never just about the physical aspect of the activity.  

Escorting is a lot deeper and more complicated than what people’s impression of it is, which makes it even more rewarding when you finally master its art. The takeaway here is that you stop looking at sex as just a physical act: you appreciate it for the very human experience that surrounds it. Isn’t that nice?  

You learn true power through independence 

Yes, in escorting you earn way more compared to a regular “normal” job. And you realise very soon that the job requires more than just looks and smiles. You have to be a people-person, especially when you want to become a social escort. You have to be cultured: the more you know, the more you can contribute to a conversation. You have to be patient, as clients have varying personalities and backgrounds. You have to learn to look out for yourself and gain the strength to leave situations that don’t make you feel comfortable. But as you master these things, the cheques just keep coming in. 

Most of all, you have to be 100 percent professional. Being punctual is the most important asset of an escort. Being business-minded will also help an escort reap the benefits of her job in the best way: with the amount of money you earn, gone are the days of ramen and thrift stores. You have to start thinking like a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, if you will. All these factors shape you into becoming truly fierce and self-reliant – and in turn, your work ethic will lead you to a financially comfortable, maybe even luxurious life. 

You find your tribe

Escorts understand how demanding adult jobs Sydney can be. If you find fellow escorts you can rely on for advice and support, you’ll go a long way in this career. You’ll find that some of the best people you’ll ever meet in your life are also the most stunning! 

Escort agencies provide this sense of community and sisterhood, especially for budding escorts. You can learn tips and tricks of the trade straight from your colleagues, and you realise just how much growth there is to be had! If you just stay aware and level-headed, you’ll discover many things about yourself, your body, and the community around you.  

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