Around The World In 80 Girls

We got wondering about the thrill of travelling around the world and indulging in the sights, flavours and characters of the women of the world. Whether you have a thing for a lass in a kilt, a fetish for an American twang or want to get deep inside a Geisha girl we decided the opportunities would be mind boggling and endless…

Luscious Latina

Oh the sultry Italian girl who culturally has a naturally passionate sexual demeanour. Think voluptuous curves, bronzed skin and a Spanish-American accent to tantalise your imagination as your luscious Latina sits on your lap wearing a skimpy bikini. As her long dark locks brush your chest, enjoy listening to her oh so sexy accent and the sweet nothings she whispers into your ear. Don’t miss a chance to grab her big booty as she rides you like a space hopper. Prepare for her to dominate you all the way to your climax

Sexy Scot

We all love the sweet small town Scottish lass with that amazing accent everyone wants to mimic. If the tartan look makes you go weak at the knees then get your girl to dress up in a short sexy kilt and knee high socks and six inch heels! You lift the kilt to see what sexy knickers are underneath and you are pleasantly surprised by seeing a tight little pussy meowing for a stroke or two. This naughty little Scottish lass is ready to be put over your lap for a good spanking! Run your fingers through her wild red hair, drink whiskey out of her belly button, mouth and wet pussy and make her scream bloody murder in a thick Scottish accent when you fuck her from behind. Whether she’s a true Scot or not, make sure she goes commando underneath that sexy kilt, so there’s nothing stopping you from making your entrance.

Geisha Goddess

Let your imagination run wild as a mysterious Geisha teases you with her delicate and whimsical actions only. This hot Japanese doll doesn’t speak but her mouth and sexy eyes say it all. She may appear shy and timid beneath her pale complexion but she certainly knows how to run her red lips up and down your body and your cock until it’s as hard as rock. She lets her jet-black hair loose and only when she says so, can you slip down the stockings from her legs. As she takes off her dress you see a smooth, porcelain silky body that looks almost untouched. Almost too perfect to be real but she is ready for you to destroy her innocent look with your big hard cock. She lies on the bed, ready and waiting for you to devour her.

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