How To Become An Escort : A Guide for Newbie Female Escorts

To all the feisty females out there: if you are even just a little bit curious about escorting, you will want to feed that curiosity a little more. There is so much more to escorting than meets the eye. It’s not as simple as the media and society think (what with their nasty comments and all), but – when done with proper guidance – it can be the most lucrative and rewarding hustle you will ever do in your life.  

High-class escorts are strong, independent women who are powerful enough to own, love, and celebrate themselves and their bodies – so much so that they are comfortable and secure when they invite others to enjoy their company. They’re charming, fun, empathetic, and most of all, breathtakingly beautiful! Think you have what it takes to become a female escort? Take a look at this quick guide for newbie or aspiring high-class female escorts. 

Escorting is legal in Sydney 

You’re probably thinking: “Before I go down this rabbit hole of information, maybe I should first find out if it’s even legal in the first place?” Here’s your answer: yes, escorting is legal in NSW. In terms of legality, NSW has the most liberal attitude towards this line of work. Escort agencies and other pleasure providers enjoy almost complete freedom to work, with only a few restrictions. 

Anyone over 18 years old is legally allowed to provide escorting and sexual services for profit or favours. Clients, as well, must be over 18.  

It’s your company that clients want 

There is a misconception that bedtime is the be-all-end-all of this type of work, but that’s actually only one slice of the whole pie. During your entire time with the client, you will be expected to be a trusted, welcoming companion.  

Clients might request that you go on a date before taking things to the bedroom. They might book you for an overnight stay, where you spend a weekend away from the noise and stress of the city. They might even ask you to be their plus-one during social events. In between hello and goodbye, your main task is to make them feel comfortable with you, no matter where your activities lie on the sweet-to-wild spectrum.  

The main takeaway here? Be a good listening ear. If you can listen to their stories and for their feelings, you can best assess how to make them feel relaxed, bed-wise or otherwise. If you prove to be a client favorite, you get repeat bookings, and then you truly establish a solid friendship. This is what excites most seasoned escorts about their jobs: they and their clients genuinely enjoy spending time together.  

You can choose your own hours 

Have a day job you’d like to keep? Not willing to compromise your studies? If you become a female escort, you can earn so much without having to work many hours a week. It’s common for escorts to take only a few bookings in a week (or even more). In between one booking and the other, they carry on with their other activities or even just chill and do a little bit of traveling.  

Let’s not beat around the bush: the financial benefit is what really pulls people into the industry. In a week, you earn way more than those sitting in desk jobs, and you’ve only put in a few nights of work! How’s that for a hustle? (Oh, and you enjoy a few perks too, some clients are generous enough to get you nice gifts or take you out of town.) 

Much like any other job, you need to be professional  

If you want to become a female escort, professionalism is the key to success. What does professionalism entail?  

First, punctuality. You have to value your clients’ time, and they too are expected to value yours. This means showing up at the rendezvous on time (if you’re an outcall escort, as in you go to the client’s location) or being fully prepared when the client arrives at your location (if you’re an incall escort.) Clients are paying hard-earned dollars to see you, and you must leave a good impression on them so that they know from the start that the time, energy, and money they spent for your time are all worth it. They are also expected to extend the same courtesy to you: if what was agreed on was four hours, then you have four hours – no free extensions.  

Second, discretion. You have to respect your client’s privacy as much as they respect yours. There’s a reason the two of you maintain a thin veil of mystery when you’re together. It’s for you both to feel secure, and that feeling of security is what makes a night go smoothly.  

You’re safe and secure when you’re with an agency 

The job may seem intimidating and oftentimes scary, but when you’re represented by an agency, there’s an added layer of security for you. Escort agencies are strict when it comes to client behaviour: payment is always secure, clients are verified to be real people or safe to be with, requests and hours are set in stone. Clients who book through agencies respect this etiquette, because they know if they don’t, they could get blacklisted.  

You’ll also have a solid support system in the form of co-escorts, receptionists, and staff at the agency. Everyone works together to make sure everybody is kept safe and happy.  

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