Becoming a Female Escort: Why It’s a Sound Choice to Make

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to put things in perspective. COVID-19 has affected  people in many different ways, one of the most prominent of which is livelihood. How well you are earning – if you are in fact still lucky enough to keep your job –  really determines the quality of your life during this pandemic.  

So many people are dealing with the bitter fate of their nine-to-fives rendering them replaceable. So many university students now understand the importance of not waiting till after graduation to make money. And women everywhere are now realising the depths of their true power; with the Stay At Home protocol in place, their inboxes are being flooded with texts from random hookups, casual flings, ex boyfriends, and maybe even (yikes!) strangers.  Oh, what would the world do without pussy? (And before you write this off as playful banter, know that the need for sex and companionship are as serious as all the other basic human needs on the list! 

This  is a time to truly, seriously pause and reflect on the level of your empowerment. How much control would you like to have over your finances, your body, your sexuality, and your life in general? What’s stopping you from harnessing your true power, from bringing out your inner goddess? If these are waking up something hot and sizzling from inside of you, you might want to become a female escort. 

Why It’s A Sound Choice to Make

Secure Your Finances 

Let’s not beat around the bush here: the biggest and most obvious benefit of escort life is the dough, the bread, the paper – the money. When you become a female escort, you will realise quickly how comfortable your financial situation is becoming. What you usually earn in a week, you earn in only a few hours of work.  

And you do not even have to work everyday! Most ladies see two or three clients a week, depending on their own availability (yes, you get to choose your hours.) Even with these hours, escorts already earn much, much more than most people.  

There’s really nothing more important than financial security. In a society that changes so fast, it is so important to be financially comfortable so that you can weather life’s storms with little distress on your part. Plus, you will have enough for yourself which means you will also have enough to give to others if your help is needed.  

Love and Own Your Body oa Deeper Level

Yes, we have heard the many myths and misconceptions about escorts, and the many ways society has discriminated those in the adult industry. But if you want to become a female escort, here’s what you should know: sex and sexuality are some of the most beautiful, complex, raw, and beautiful aspects of being human. Those that tag sex  (and by association, the sex industry) as “dirty” simply don’t understand or appreciate 

Pushing this logic further, those that tag women in the sex industry as “dirty” or of lesser status than others are cruel misogynists who need an education about women empowerment. The double standard persists here. How come men are allowed to be locker-room pervs and people say “they’re just being boys” while women who show even just a little bit of skin are thrown derogatory remarks their way? That simply isn’t fair.  

If you love your body, own it. If you think you will feel comfortable and empowered when you allow others to experience your body with you, then by all means, have as much sex as you can consent to. If you want to enjoy sex while also earning from it, then become a female escort! 

Find Companionship In The Unlikeliest of Places 

For those who are extra charming and accommodating, you might just land yourselves repeat bookings. It is common for clients to take a particular liking to just one girl. They make repeat bookings with the lady, and if the lady feels the same way about them, they will continue seeing each other multiple times. This means that it is likely that you would not have to make adjustments for new clients too many times if you are able to secure repeat bookings. 

What this does is it allows you to know the other person on a deeper level, sexually or otherwise. High class escorts will not jump into sex right away, and clients know this, too. Before the main event, there will be plenty of conversation, wining and dining, and flirting. Not only does this getting-to-know-you phase build up sexual tension, but it also allows you to establish and maintain a human connection – an element that is essential to great, mind-blowing, life-altering sex.  

In many ways, this will inform your own private sexual or romantic life. You gain a deeper understanding of relationships, and you always come home with new stories to learn from.  

If you don’t want anyone to know, no one has to

It’s common for escorts to live a double life. As mentioned above, most escorts work only a few times a week. The rest of the time, they carry on with their normal life: they are students, professionals, jetsetters, entrepreneurs, and more. If you decide to join the escort industry, one of the first pieces of advice you will be given is to spend the in-between days wisely. 

Not many people have the privilege of earning comfortably while also having enough time to do what they love or to just enjoy life as it is. This is a freedom you can definitely enjoy as an escort.  

This means that nobody has to know what you do when night falls on Fridays. It can be your little dirty secret! How sexy is that?  

Become a female escort at All Sydney Escorts 

Due to the current crisis, sexual services are temporarily on-hold. But the good news is that things are looking up for the NSW, with data showing less than ten new cases a day. NSW might actually already be flattening the curve. In a few weeks, our girls will be back on the “saddle.” 

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