Best Things You Can Hope For During Foreplay

The build up to sex is always exciting!  Take is slowly why jump straight  in head first (pun intended)  and get down to it.  Take is easy you can heighten your sexual pleasure as you’re teased, kissed, licked and stroked in all the right places until you have been worked into a frenzy of epic proportions.

Foreplay makes sex or if you prefer love-making last that little bit longer.  Why rush a good thing and we all know sex is a good thing, right. It helps you both get in the mood for the moment when you finally take the plunge and enter your kinky play mate.

Being kissed and licked from your inner thigh to your hip bones and lower abdomen whilst you grow harder will heighten your sexual awareness and get you in the mood in no time at all. To really awaken your libido, change things up. The more we repeat sensations on our body, the more desensitised your body becomes, so why not be stroked with nails running all over your body, and light pinches to sensitise other parts of your body.  Feathers are a little creative soft touch to be stroked all over the body or rubbing oil everywhere for a slow gentle massage.  If you like it firmer then you could go all out with nipple clamps …. ouch!  Different strokes for different folks.  Whatever it takes to make the almighty orgasm more powerful.

Now it’s time to start getting ready as your sexy escort starts lightly tickling your balls, and strokes up your shaft, until you’re cock is raging to get into her.