Building Suspense in the Bedroom

So you’ve been given the green light for a night of incredible sex – what now? Do you dive straight into it, charging towards the clitoris like a bull to a matador’s cape? Or do you take your time building things up, letting desires and passions slowly build like a kettle reaching boiling point?
Building suspense isn’t just the key to a good mystery novel, it’s also the key for unforgettable sex. A bit of foreplay and suspense can go a long way in the bedroom and when it’s finally time for the train to dock into the station, it will feel ten times as amazing. Not to mention that ladies always appreciate a gentle touch.
Here are some “pre-game” workout tips that will enhance both of your bedroom experiences, especially if you try them on one of our lovely ladies at All Sydney Escorts. Remember, sometimes the journey is just as important as the destination.

Briefing Session

Yes, you could probably think of many better things to use your mouth for than talking. But before you get into things, a little discussion about what each other is into (and just as important, isn’t into) can help you both go into your encounter knowing a little bit more about how to please each other. Find out what your partner loves and let them know what you’re into and you’ll have all the verbal blueprints for an amazing time ahead.

Start Things Slow

Your entry point into foreplay doesn’t even have to be necessarily sexual. A massage or back rub can start things off slowly and sensually and help set a mood of exotic relaxation. Introducing oils can make it even more so. Hands also often tend to wander sometimes; this is certainly not a bad thing in this scenario. Whether you’re the massager or the massagee, it’s a great way to start things off before exploring each other’s bodies even further.

Explore with Your Lips

When things are suitably heating up, lying her down and kissing down her slowly down her body will be sure to drive her wild. Don’t forget to pay extra attention to the erogenous zones – her neck, breasts, inner thighs, and eventually, her clit. Speaking of breasts, don’t neglect the twins – spend some time kissing, sucking and feeling them to really get her juices flowing.
A good technique is to start kissing down her neck and make your way all the way down to her pussy, with a brief detour to the inside of her thighs. Of course, this is then a perfect time for a transition into…

Let Your Tongue Work Its Magic

Once you’ve made it all the way down her body, make sure you make an extended stop at Clitoris Station. Going down on a girl will truly get her in the mood for the main course of the night. Just make sure you start slow and sensual. It can be tempting to dive right in, but use restraint. By starting slowly and working your way from there and paying extra attention to her responses and adjusting your technique accordingly, she’ll be positively dripping with pleasure when it comes time for the main event.
As tempting as it can be to rush towards the finish line, by taking your time and building things up, you’ll end up with an experience that will leave both of in you in sexual and sensual ecstasy. Why not practise your techniques with any one of our beautiful ladies here at All Sydney Escorts and become the boss of the build-up?