Choose Your Own Adventure – Escort Style

You’re alone in your hotel room while on a business trip to Sydney, Australia. To ease the boredom, you get out your laptop and start trawling the internet. You’re thinking of calling it a night when suddenly a link catches your eye. It’s for a Sydney escort agency, and it gets you thinking. You’ve always wanted to hire an escort, but it’s one of those things you’ve just never gotten around to doing.

What do you do?

a. Let curiosity get the better of you and click on the link.
b. Shut down your laptop, go to bed and get a good night’s sleep.
If you chose option a., you’re in for a sweet surprise. The website has an entire gallery full of gorgeous high class escorts. All you have to do is call the agency, choose which lady you most like the look of and a driver will drop her off at an agreed time. It all sounds so simple.

What’s your next move?

a. Grab your phone, call the escort agency and make a booking.
b. Lose your nerve at the last minute, back out of making the booking and spend the rest of the evening on your computer admiring the escort gallery, before going to bed consumed with regret and FOMO.
If you held your nerve and went with option a., the agency asks to choose an escort in order to finalise the booking. There are so many beautiful women, you feel spoilt for choice.

Time to choose your escort

a. A blonde bombshell – You could never resist a beautiful blonde. Fortunately, the lady you’ve chosen is available tonight, and can be at your place in 45 minutes. She arrives at your place right on time, greeting you with a friendly smile. You can hardly believe it, but she’s even hotter in real life than in the photos.
b. A beautiful brunette – If you went with option b., luck is on your side. The brunette you most liked the look of is available, and you arrange for her to be dropped off at your place ASAP. Before long, you hear a knock at the door. Standing there is a woman with long dark hair, blue eyes and an irresistibly pretty face.

Where do you take your escort?

a. To the hottest bar in Sydney – You decide you feel like hitting the town, so you and your escort make your way into the city. Just watch how much you drink – you don’t want to ruin the climax of the night!
b. An Italian restaurant just around the corner from your house – You suddenly realise how hungry you are. Luckily, your favourite Italian restaurant is down the road, where you and your escort enjoy a candlelit dinner, before heading back to your place.
c. Nowhere – Nowhere. Why would you want to leave the house when you can have this beautiful woman all to yourself in the privacy of your own home?
Sound tempting? To book your own adventure with All Sydney Escorts, contact us today.