Dirty Talk

Do you love dirty talk?

Are the women you meet too shy to indulge in your fantasy? Imagine pure filth spilling from the lips of the hottest woman you have ever seen. If you’re a fan of unimaginable filth tumbling from a plump pair of lips, there’s certainly a girl ready and waiting for you. Would you like a PVC clad sexy fox to dominate you and order you to strip and put your throbbing cock into her mouth? Or would a sumptuous and slender girl sitting on your cock and whispering her filthiest thoughts right in your ear be more to your taste?
If you choose, she will remain vocal throughout. Perhaps you have something you have always wanted uttered from the lips of a wanton woman. Our escorts will have no problem satisfying that primal urge and turning it into something you will never ever forget.
Gentlemen, leave your tourist guide at home and let the girls dole out these delicious phrases;

“Wow, please can I sit on your huge cock?”

“Fuck me now/harder/faster” – delete as appropriate, or just have them all…

“Get down and lick my pussy until I cum all over your face!”

“I love it when you slide your hard cock in to my mouth/pussy/ass”

“I am your ultimate fantasy, tell me what to do”

“I just love it when you cum all over my tits”

“Please, please let me suck your dick like a lolly pop.”

“Your ass looks so sexy as I take you from behind”

“You taste so good”

“That feels so good do it again”

“Ask what does that feel like for you” ?

“Where do you want me to cum”

“You’re the boss tonight”

“Spank me – I have been a naughty girl”

“Give it to me”

Dirty talk doesn’t always have to be done with words it can be a moan, groan, screams or/and heavy breathing. All of which is telling you that what you are doing is right;-)
It should be natural and fitting to the type of sex you are having so it can turn a guy or girl into taking them over the edge to the point of no return. Would you love to hear these dirty words out of a plump sexy mouth? If you can think of anything you would like to hear from our girls then feel free to get in touch or let them take control. We would love to hear what you come up with! Not all escorts are comfortable with delivering dirty talk but some are experts so be sure to tell the receptionist this is something you would like to try within your booking. Our expert receptionists will ensure you get the right escort to dish out the dirty talk to enhance mind-blowing sex!