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A dark haired glamazon with long shapely legs encased in nine inch stiletto boots, thigh high and leather of course! Her huge tits are bursting out of the PVC mini-dress she so confidently struts around in gently running a riding crop over her body. Leaning over you she ties your hands to the bed making sure her delicious mouth-watering breasts are only inches away from your eager mouth. All you want to do is take them out and suck each of her rock hard nipples but being the dominatrix she won’t let you do that yet….not until she has finished asserting herself and having some of her own filthy fun.

You can do nothing but watch as she sits in the chair opposite you and takes out a long smooth dildo and starts to talk dirty to you. Your cock is throbbing with the sight of her fucking her soaking wet pussy with her toy while groaning with pleasure and mouthing filth. Your mind is being blown away knowing your turn is coming soon and she gives your hard throbbing cock the attention it deserves and now so desperately needs.

Just when you think you can’t take it any more she slowly walks over to you and begins to play with your nipples, then puts your balls in her mouth teasing them gently with her tongue; saving your cock until last. You feel her long nails running down your chest as she gets more and more excited. Finally she takes the full length of your hard cock deep and fast in to the back of her throat. With her tongue darting over the tip of your cock the sensation that you feel is pure ecstasy. Unable to hold it any longer you start to cum as she pulls your cock out of her mouth just in time to let you explode hot cum all over her face. With job satisfaction written all over her beautiful face she looks at you longingly licking her lips clearly savouring the taste of your cum. Now this just makes you want to go again!

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