Dripping Wet

Our truly genuine escorts who love to show there appreciation find there is no better way of showing it by helping you clean up after that heavy sex session.  Our escorts think its the right thing to do giving you 100 percent of themselves during your time from the beginning to the grand finale. So the show is not over until your gorgeous lady walks out the door!

From the moment she stepped foot in your door the attention was all on you and thats just how the ladies at All Sydney escorts operate. They realise that this is a service industry so will never waste your time which we feel is refreshing in an industry that can be fraught with deception.  We think of this as any other service industry such as a beautician.  They would never go to a beauty therapist and spend half the time waiting for the beautician to finish a cigarette or chitter  chatter about her personal life. These kind of people you make a mental note while they are wasting your time that you just wont go back!  That will never happen with our gorgeous and attentive Sydney escorts.

So heres the scenario…you and your horny Sydney escort have had the best night you could have imagined. Now its time to shower and this is where it gets even better.  You are overjoyed and surprised to see this hot little number jumping in the shower with you to scrub your back.  The steam gets even steamier as you start picking up where you left off?  Is there a better way to finish off.  No, of course there isn’t! When one of our Sydney escorts takes your hand and gives you a flirtatious smile then tempts you into the shower its a good idea to take her up on this offer as she has many little tricks to finish off with.

The water is warm and soothing with rivulets sliding over your skin. She joins you under the stimulating jets and places a hand on your chest. Her smooth skin is glistening. Your hands grab hold of her hips and you pull her close. Immediately your lips begin to caress her neck, tongue flicking out and licking that tender point behind her ear. She moans and blood rushes straight to your crotch. You move your mouth lower while your hands are massaging her firm rounded buttocks.

The room has started steaming up so much so that you can barely see her body now but you can still feel its suppleness. Your mouth reaches the mound of her breast and delicately you take her pointed nipple between your lips and suck. Her fingers entwine themselves in your hair and she gasps urging for more. Moving one hand up to play with her other breast you trail the other round between her legs and your fingers search out her clit.

Grinding into your fingers and throwing her head back in pure pleasure. You work her body rubbing your fingers in a circular motion until she is begging you for more. Now both of you are ready to go again. Lifting her up against the cold tiles the water cascading down your back you prepare to thrust into her.  What a climax to end one the best nights.

The girls at Sydney Escorts are just waiting to have a great time with you so don’t hesitate to enquire now.