Drive Her Wild Every Time-Part One

by Roxy Sayz

There are certain times in life when foreplay prior to sex is not a necessity… take for example the time that you stayed late at work, then on a coffee break discovered that the hot new research assistant one floor up has also stayed back to meet a deadline… the flirting and teasing that has been building between the two of you over the last month transforms in that moment when your eyes meet! …suddenly you are both grabbing, ripping at clothing as your lips lock and you push her backwards into an empty office, fingers inside her for a moment, then she bends slightly to slip down her panties and all control is lost as you turn her and thrust yourself deep into her from behind, pumping hard and fast into a mind-blowing orgasm!! …fantastic… but way too soon:-/ From start to finish the whole experience took about 4 minutes and no matter how many times you relive those minutes whilst fantasising and alone, the recurring thought that you can’t suppress keeps nagging at you and asking why you didn’t take longer and enjoy the opportunity more?? …with no-one else around or even close you could have spent 30, maybe even 45 minutes building your hot passionate encounter into multiple X rated memories for your porn star fantasies !!! The hard and fast quickie has a place in the scheme of things, but it will never match or outrank the passionate encounter that slowly builds and grows and culminates in an orgasm that shakes both your worlds as one. This is the sex that results from 2 consenting adults, at ease with themselves and their bodies, taking the time with each other to explore, tease and coax every inch of flesh into a sensitive quivering awareness… the agony and the ecstasy that collide relentlessly as you both use fingers and hands, tongues and mouths, to explore and plunder every pulse point and crevasse on your journey together. This is “drive her wild” sex and this is the sexual prowess and style you should try having on show when you book one of our beautiful young Sydney Escorts 🙂

It’s a no-brainer if you consider for a second the impression you would like to leave?! …when returning to the agency office after your booking together, would you like her to recall the middle aged bloke that was clumsy and a bit embarrassed, the result being an encounter that was a little rough, no fun for her and a quick fix over and done for you within just a few minutes???… there it is again, an encounter that is over and done too soon and the memory left is full of regret and “what if?”… Take on board some good advice and make your booking with one of our gorgeous Sydney Escorts an encounter with no regrets and plenty of red hot sexy memories! A little “drive her wild” sex will have her hot-footing it back to the office, flushed and excited as she recalls the sensual passionate hour she just spent with a handsome assured client, who’s name she suddenly can’t recall as she wants him all to herself and hopes that he feels the same.

One hour is the minimum amount of time allowed when making a booking with one of our lovely young girls and one hour is ample and sufficient time to create an exceptional and memorable experience for the both of you. We don’t want you to stress or feel pressured in regard to performance or “getting it right”, as if you have the attitude and intention present then the rest will follow… maybe not the first time but a bit of practise won’t kill you, then before you know it you will be driving the lady of your choice wild, making her wet, feeling her tremble and shake as she reaches her climax and you orgasm together…or apart, or consecutively, or repeatedly! …who cares as you’ll be having hot horny passionate hour consuming sex that leaves you satisfied and sated!!!
Stay tuned for Part 2….you wont want to miss the finale` 😉