Drive Her Wild Everytime Part Two

by Roxy Sayz

To start the journey to this point you must first take the time with your chosen Sydney Escort to unwind, relax and gently begin exploring each others bodies… the ladies at All Sydney Escorts are big fans of the slow build and they genuinely enjoy giving and receiving foreplay. They know for a fact and from experience that the slow build and the right foreplay lead into the best sex for the both of you…more often than not this lead in will result in a more intense and significantly better sexual encounter than either of you have ever experienced before.

Whenever the opportunity arises that you have extra time available in which to indulge and fully explore the body of one of our slender young escorts then please use that time and use it well 🙂 Remember practise makes perfect and the more time that is spent moving slowly and intently around this beautiful body, the more relaxed and confidant you will become at gently teasing and stroking her into a state of wanton desire… Find those sensitive secret spots which will make her squeal with surprise then excitement as her temperature slowly rises and a flush climbs from her neck to her cheeks. The more time you take on the journey the better the result and you will find yourself wondering where you have been all this time, missing out on these intimate moments as your fingers then tongue find her pussy wet with desire as her pelvis arches towards you and her legs spread wide inviting you in… as your mouth and tongue suck slowly and softly on her swollen clitoris she writhes and bucks under you, unable to control the animal longing you have created in the core of her, demanding fulfilment and release. But calm yourself and slow your breathing back to its’ normal pace as now is not the time for completion…the fun is only just beginning! Use your hands, mouth and tongue to explore the whole length of her, from her ankles then slowly up the inside curve of her legs, pausing as you reach the top to breath gently just over her pussy, only your breath touching her skin as you circle and hover while she arches towards you and softly moans. But as she begs for you to take her in your mouth flick your tongue gently once up the length of her pussy before continuing your journey upwards over her belly then slowly up and around each swollen breast. Use your lips and breath as much as you use your tongue and watch, listen and feel for her reactions so as to work out the type and intensity of foreplay that works for her…that ‘drives her wild”!!!!

The sensitive and sensual areas on her body are called erogenous zones and when teased correctly can make her pussy dripping wet. And this is even before you have even given any attention to her aching and sensitive clitoris! Start with the wrists. Grab her hand and slowly start to nuzzle and nibble the delicate skin on the inside of her wrist. Trail your tongue slowly down into her palm and then up to the tip of each finger before taking each finger into your mouth and gently sucking, releasing, moving to the next… Use your tongue to intensify the action, moving slowly up to the inside of her elbow and then up the length of her arm to her neck. There is a special spot behind her ear that when you gently suck and softly breath on that delicate skin she will tremble and jerk, trying to control the spasms and shaking that is starting to take over her body…but control is a thing of the past that her mind seems to be turning away from, as her primal desires rise and intensify.
Don’t think that at this point she will be sitting back or not participating in the action, for as she becomes increasingly aroused she will be responding instinctively and in full by touching your erogenous zones also…as her desire intensifies she will not be able to stop her hand moving forward and down along your hip, then sliding slowly inward as she gently moves her hand between your legs, stroking upwards until she reaches the swollen hardness that was always her intention to find…

Find and grasp your last remnants of calm and control, gently unfold her fingers and hand away as you turn her around and simply breathe, slow and warm on the nape of her neck. Use your hands to move her hair aside and then place them on her shoulders, lightly stroking and massaging while following with small kisses across her skin. Try pushing then grinding your crotch gently into her butt and you will see her body actually melt and move smoothly in to fit skin to skin against you, as she attempts to get as close as possible to you, the source and answer to her aching desire…
Your current partner, future partner or lucky chosen Sydney Escort is so hot, horny and turned on at this point that she has probably already come at least a couple of times… the agony and the ecstasy of your sensual and intimate form of torture has been a mind blowing journey for her, leaving her shaky, dripping wet and completely yours… at this point she will cling to you as though her life depends on it, leaving you to choose to either continue this sensual journey and drive her crazy in her longing for completion …or give her what she craves and take her pussy with an intensity and wild desire that will have you both panting and pleading for more… please don’t stop.. please I need more… more of that “drive her wild” sex that in turn drives you wild and wanting more… please don’t stop! …more!!!