How to Know If You’re a Perfect Fit for an Escort Agency Job

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When you encounter the word ‘escort’, a million things come to mind. Usually, it triggers polarising opinions: either people think it’s too easy or too  hard. The truth? Much like any other jobs in whatever industry, escort agency jobs are not for everybody. There are perks, but there are also challenges. And this job may seem so glaringly different than what most people would consider “normal” types of work, but the amount of hard work, commitment, and focus needed to succeed is the same, if not more for escorts. A chosen few with the right set of skills will be able to successfully make a comfortable living out of this highly lucrative career.      

If you want to know if you’re a perfect fit for this unique career path, this article is for you. But first, let’s settle the question that is obviously already ringing in your head: is escorting even legal in Sydney? The answer is yes. In NSW, escort work is 100 percent legal – NSW being the model state for decriminalised adult work. Now that it’s settled, read on! 

You’re beautiful and sexy 

In all the ways, a woman can be beautiful and sexy. This means that you are confident in the way you look – the best escort agencies are open to many looks, as long as you feel self-assured in your own skin. In terms of sexiness, more than having smooth skin and luscious curves, being ‘sexy’ is an attitude. It oozes from the way you carry yourself – the way you walk, talk, dress, generally the way you present yourself. If you can fill the room with an irresistible aura, you might just do well in escort agency jobs.  

Contrary to popular belief, an escort does not always hide away in the privacy of a bedroom. Most (if not all) escorts are taken out to dinner dates, brought as a plus-one in social events, and even become their clients’ travel buddies. If you’re a natural charmer, you will do well as an escort. 

You’re warm and empathetic 

Most of the time, clients see escorts regularly because escorts become their true companion. Escorts usually find themselves at the receiving end of a vent-out and let out session and are asked to help the client debrief and relax after hectic weeks at work or in their personal lives. Sometimes, clients simply want to enjoy themselves, whether that’s through engaged conversations with a lot of laughs, or in bed doing what adults do for fun.  

Either way, the escort’s job is to stay empathetic, because it is only through empathy that an escort can get to know the client in the best way possible. Once an escort has a thorough picture of her client’s likes and dislikes, moods, feelings, and general disposition, she will know how to truly satisfy him (or her, or them, it depends, really) during their time together.  

You are a professional 

Agencies can’t reiterate this enough: there are no escort agency jobs available for anyone who refuses to act professionally. Professionalism is the fertile soil that allows an escort to grow into a high-class escort. High class means you mean business, even though you operate in the world of pleasure.  

What does professionalism mean in this context? First and foremost, you have to be someone who values time. If you’re already showing up to work or even to Friday night drinks on time, you’ll have no problem arriving on time for a booked dinner date. Punctuality is a habit, and it can be developed, but once you have it, it’s not something you turn on and off. If being on time is second nature to you, you’ll succeed in the industry.  

Professionalism also means you have a clear, consistent work ethic. You do your job to the best of your ability, and you are motivated to meet and exceed expectations. You are not afraid to ask for guidance or advice because you’re always looking to improve yourself. You take criticism with a positive attitude, seeing it as an opportunity to be better.  

You know how to have your fun 

Why enter the pleasure industry if you feel you won’t find any pleasure in it, right? If physical and romantic pleasure is something you genuinely enjoy, this is the job for you. Escorting is a great way to explore your own curiosities about sex and relationships, to get to know your body and yourself even more. In the act of giving pleasure to others, you might find that there’s also so much pleasure in it for yourself.  

Honestly, the more you have fun, the more the clients catch on and have fun with you! If the client sees that you love and celebrate your body and yourself, they will feel honoured to be spending time with someone like you. So make sure that this is something that you’ll find a lot of fun in. Just like any other career path, if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. 

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