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We understand your indecision when scrolling the internet for escort work in Sydney! Here are some things to consider when choosing an agency to represent your services as a high-class escort. Do you consider yourself charming, passionate, and accommodating? Do you enjoy listening to other people's stories, attending to their needs, and making them feel good the best way you can? Are you confident in your own body and sexuality, and do you tend to fill a room with your sexual aura, with or without wearing clothes? Most of all, do you possess a solid work ethic, and are you keen on exhibiting professionalism and grace in all your interactions?  

If your answer to all of these questions is yes, here's one final question, and we hope you'll say yes! Do you want to make an honest living by becoming a professional provider of sex and genuine companionship?  

If the thought of doing so excites you, apply to become a female escort at All Sydney Escorts. No matter how much experience you have as a sexual service provider, the escort work we have available is only for those willing, not just to be any other female companion. Here, it would help if you had the qualities of a high-class escort. Our ladies are not only beautiful and sexy, but they are also expert service providers who value their clients' time and are willing to meet and exceed expectations. 

Honest & Reliable Advice on Escort Work

It doesn't matter if you are a new escort or an experienced escort looking to take your career to the next level; you can apply for escort agency work here at All Sydney Escorts. Why choose to work with an escort agency? For three critical things: security, career growth, and financial independence.  

The world of adult jobs in Sydney can be challenging to navigate, but at All Sydney Escorts, we offer you the one thing every pleasure provider is looking for, that is security. We keep risks at bay with our rigorous client screening process. We match you with the client whose requests you are willing and capable of attending. Lastly, we can assist you in obtaining the necessary health certificates and legal permits that allow you to work in Australia. These are only a few of the many examples of how we take care of our ladies.  

Being a high-class escort requires a whole mixed bag of personal and professional skills (not just BJ skills as popular belief dictates, although that is a given!) If you believe that escort jobs in Sydney are the line of work you feel you genuinely excel at, joining us would be an excellent opportunity for you. We are fully female-owned and operated. We have been in the business of pleasure since 2001 and have built a solid reputation among our loyal, high-profile clientele. You will learn many lessons and tricks of the trade from the agency and the clients you meet. 

Escort Work means YOU can Pay ALL your Bills and SAVE

Finally, financial independence! Our ladies earn thousands a week – what most people make in a month, they gain in just a few days of work. Escort work gives you plenty of time for other things like travelling and continuing with your day job or education. Therefore, this also lands you a bank account that can sustain the lifestyle that you want. The financial independence that our ladies enjoy is well-deserved. All Sydney Escorts girls are simply the best at what they do, and our clients can attest to that. We would be happy to give you the chance to experience the bliss of financial freedom just like our girls do. 

Things to consider when searching for escort jobs in Sydney

Escort work in Sydney can be fun and rewarding if you have the right qualities. Whatever "right" means, it will depend on how you present yourself during the application process. We want to highlight many attractive varieties, and what one finds beautiful may not or vice versa. Therefore, we are open to many looks. 

You must respect the clients and treat them as you want to be treated, as in any service industry. You must look after the client as you expect your beautician or massage therapist to look after you. Providing the best service is imperative. In doing this, you will benefit from repeat business and regular clients. The escorts that look after their clients are busy every shift and, as such, are financially comfortable. 

Escort Jobs: Arrive On Time!

Punctuality is essential when you're a high-class escort. A lot of clients are business people who are on a tight schedule. They expect the companion to value their time, which means everything from replying promptly to showing up on schedule. We, as the booking agent, wants to ensure that that happens. Leaving a client waiting too long when he has booked you is rude and disrespectful. An unhappy client can ruin a booking because they will be initially irritated and frustrated. They don't need stress, and they are calling to relax.  

Failing to value time may also cause you to lose our trust in referring or recommending you to clients. Repeat business is the key to becoming a prosperous escort in Sydney. Treat being a high-class escort as your business; this is important to remember. You will be required to operate with an ABN number as that is necessary for escort jobs in Sydney. Any agency not requiring ABN numbers from their contractors are operating outside of the government guidelines.   

It is in your best interest to run your business legally, so you can deposit your earnings into an account to buy designer clothes, cars, houses. The sky is the limit in the high-class world of escorting. 

You may work on-call from home, or if you live the "secret" life of escorting, you may use our apartment for privacy. Any charges for extra services will be yours; the agency does not take anything extra from you other than the booking fee.  

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If you feel you are attractive, clean living, well-groomed and have the qualities to become a high-class Sydney escort, please apply. Fill out the online application form and attach a recent photo of yourself (note that we will not accept anyone with fake pictures or pictures more than one-month-old.) 

For enquiries about the application process, the job, or the agency,

call or text 0429 348 855 or leave a message via our website's enquiry form. 



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