Experience Sydney James Bond Style

Sydney is an exciting seductive city, with so much to offer a man and his gorgeous young Sydney escort companion! There are loads of high octane activities that will get you and your party partners hearts a racing… so why not experience a thrilling Sydney 007 style outing and get that adrenaline pumping with your very own Aussie Bond babe at your side!!

A Jet Ski To Take In The View

Take inspiration from The Spy Who Loved Me and jump on board a thrilling ride with your beautiful bond babe, in a teeny weeny bikini, sitting behind you on the latest and fastest jet ski on the market… Available for hire in great locations that include Botany Bay and the Hawkesbury River and all thanks to the professionals at Australian Powersports and Southern Water Sports, Batemans Bay. You can take control on this heart-racing ride before she rides you as if her life depended on it 🙂 !!!!

Helicopter Flight Over Sydney Harbour

Perhaps not as dangerous as in the new Bond film, Spectre, but still an experience worthy of a good few back slaps as you recount the adventure to your bar room buddies… Join the mile high club and take a scenic flight over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and surrounding city. With private charter options available, you can fly over the Sydney Harbour from just $150pp with Blue Sky Helicopters.

Skydiving Over The Beach

Possibly the most adrenaline-inducing activity, take your Sydney escort 15,000ft into the sky before you both skydive down to the beach below in Wollongong, or further afield in Byron Bay. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can take in the views of the blue ocean together and then continue to get your pulses racing behind closed doors in unadulterated ‘The World Is Not Enough’ fashion!!!!! …just saying:-)

Taking an Aston Martin For A Drive

Imagine hiring your very own Aston Martin DBS V12 for the day, as featured in the James Bond movies Casino Royal and Quantum of Solace… You can make turn this fantasy into a reality as this car is available to be hired from Ultimate car rentals Sydney!! …you and your beautiful Bond style Sydney Escort could take a drive just one hour south to the Grand Pacific Drive, which encompasses some of Sydney’s most spectacular scenery of beautiful coastal beaches as far as the eye can see. This stretch of coastline will certainly give Italy a run for its money when it comes to breath taking beauty and picture postcard scenery ….lol, we would like to point out that the car rental company would like to have their Aston Martin back in one piece, so whilst you may look like James Bond driving please try for a little restraint on the accelerator pedal:-)

Time For a Martini

If you are not in Sydney for long and only have a few short hours to live out your James Bond fantasies, why not book one of the beautiful bond ladies available at Sydney Escorts. She can meet you at the uber funky and sexy Opera bar for an old school shaken but stirred Martini. As you take in the breath taking views over the Sydney Harbour this stunning young lady will add a little witty conversation as you both enjoy your perfectly mixed Martini’s! Watching the sun set over the Harbour Bridge you can later retire back to your hotel room to enjoy your very own bond girl, Pussy Galore 🙂

Now that you have exerted all that energy with your action-packed thriller of a day it’s now time to kick back, reflect, relax and enjoy the extra special thrill that only your stunning Sydney Escort can provide… or maybe if you are true to the James Bond theme of the day then a couple or three beautiful Sydney Escorts might be more appropriate… !!!!!