Feeling Adventurous? Try these 5 Daring Sex Positions

Sex should be fun! Whether that’s with a Sydney escort or your long-term partner, doing something adventurous in the bedroom can keep things entertaining.

Trying new sex positions is a great way to enhance your intimate experiences. Repeating the same missionary and doggy-style favourite is fine, but why not push the boat out a little?

We’ve picked 5 extra-daring sex positions for you and your lover to try. Granted, some of them may require you to be (almost) as flexible as an Olympic gymnast. But if you take your time, treat them as a sexy adventure and maybe warm up beforehand, there’s no reason you can’t add these moves to your sexual repertoire.

The Wheelbarrow

 What it’s good for: Besides a bicep workout, doing the wheelbarrow allows for deep, doggy-style penetration.

 The set up: Position yourself the same way you would for a wheelbarrow race – only you’re naked and hard as hell! Hold onto her thighs as she pushes up from the floor. You should now be standing and able to enter her from behind. She can wrap her feet together behind your back for greater stability.

 Be careful of: Dropping her, or her arms giving way. This is a very physically demanding position. If she’s struggling, put her feet down so she avoids falling on her face.

 Deep Impact

What it’s good for: Deep, unobstructed penetration.

 The set up: Get her to lie with her back on the bed and lift her legs so they’re resting on your shoulders. Depending on your height and the height of the bed, enter her either from kneeling, or squat slightly. From here move back and forth.

 Be careful of: Hitting her cervix or bladder. This is a really deep penetration position, so take it slowly and drop her legs from your shoulders if she becomes uncomfortable.

Reverse Cowgirl 

 What it’s good for: Access to her arse, or for her to play with your balls.

 The set up: The regular cowgirl position involves her sitting on top in much the same way she’d sit on a horse’s saddle, only you’re the saddle (lucky chap!). Reverse cowgirl is similar, but with her facing away from you. Get her to lean forward slightly and place her hand between your legs, or on your thighs. This will help her get greater lift and speed as she rides you.

 Be careful of: Her going down too hard or fast at the wrong angle. It’s possible for the penis to get caught and, you know, break (eek!). If this is your first rodeo, go for slow and deliberate movements to avoid accidents.

 Pile Driver

 What it’s good for: Deep down penetration, total exposure and playing with her clit.

 The set up: Get her to lay on the bed and extend her legs over her head, ankles almost in line with her ears. You may need to gently help her with this. Stand over her with one leg either side of her shoulders. You’ll then need to point your erection downwards and ‘pile drive’ into her. The view and openness of this position is what makes it so erotic. Don’t forget to stimulate her clitoris from this position to achieve a simultaneous orgasm.

 Be careful of: Her flexibility — regularly check in with her to ensure she’s comfortable. Also be careful to avoid over-bending your cock. Pushing it downwards to insert the penis in this position can be uncomfortable for some men. If you feel any pain, stop.

 Stand and Carry

 What it’s good for: Intimate face-to-face sex and showing her how strong you are.

 The set up: Sit on the edge of the bed, feet on the floor. Ask your lady to straddle your lap, facing you. Put your cock inside her and get her to wrap her legs round your waist. Her arms should be around your neck. Place your hands under her buttocks and then, using all your manly strength, stand up.

The stand and carry sex position is all about little movements. Lift her up and down slightly, while she rocks back and forth to move your cock in and out.

 Be careful of: Tired legs and arms. If you feel like you can’t hold her for long, simply place her on the bed and continue your sex session.

Feeling like you want to have a go at some new bedroom gymnastics? Approach the subject with your partner during your next pillow talk, or get in touch with us and we’ll help you find a flexible All Sydney escort.