Five Things That Intensify The Sexual Experience

For many people vanilla sex just isn’t quite enough to rock there boat.  When you want to make a session really passionate its time to add something into the mix. Our naughty ladies at All Sydney escorts have come up with seven things that will truly intensify the sexual experience. They enjoy sexual experiences outside the “box”… be prepared for the deepest most powerful sex of your life so far when choosing one of our sexy fantasy escorts.


We know how it feels to have sex but how often if at all have you actually seen yourself in action?  Seeing yourself fuck a lovely lady does wonders for your confidence and truly intensifies the experience. So, whether it’s on the ceiling or standing beside you, add a mirror to your bedroom and be your own voyeur.

A Third Person

Two people having sex is a regular occurrence and the norm but three people is a night to never forget. Bring a third person into the mix and you have an extra body to kiss, lick, touch and explore. See how many positions you can do with two girls….with one sitting on your face while the other rides your dick. You can lay back and have them do all the work and the feeling of fours hands instead of two is so intense.  If you are really wanting to experiment even further out of your comfort zone try sharing one girl with another guy.

A Video Camera

The risk of recording a sex session makes it all the more intense. As long as you both consent to this you can be as hardcore and filthy as you both want to.  In fact knowing you are both being filmed seems to bring out the porn star in you!   Now you have it on film you can watch it back anytime to get you both in the mood.


Picture it: a sexy lady walks into your room where you’re waiting wearing nothing but lingerie and sky high black stilettos. Taking off everything but her sexy shoes then dominating you with them as she pins you down with the heel. Keeping them on as she rides you for dear life she wraps her legs around your waist while you fuck her hard and fast.

A Neck Tie

This is where you put the cool business suit on with white shirt and tie. When she undresses you not only is it seriously sexy having a gorgeous girl take off your tie for you, just wait until she ties you up with it. Being restricted with your hands tied to the bedpost means that she can have her wicked way with you and you can do nothing about it but lie helplessly and enjoy it.

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