Foreplay Do’s and Don’ts

Sex is great. But sex with a healthy sprinkling of foreplay is even better. It helps build the connection between you and your lover while heightening anticipation.

Knowing how to nail good foreplay can be tricky, especially if you’re still getting to know the person you’re with. To help you out, we’ve put together a few foreplay dos and don’ts, so you get off on the right foot and between the sheets.

Foreplay Dos!

Do set the scene

Is the room warm enough? How’s the lighting? These are all things you should bear in mind when setting up some quality foreplay.

Do make light conversation

Communication is sexy. If your partner or Sydney escort is looking especially beautiful, then tell her. Dirty talk can be a great turn-on too. Even if it’s as simple as, “I’m going to lick your clit in a moment, OK?” Knowing what’s coming (ahem!) can heighten anticipation and excitement.

Do keep it interesting

Mix up your foreplay style. Kissing is fun and intimate, but there’s more you can do than lock lips. Gentle nibbling, spanking and hair pulling stimulates different senses. Just check with your partner to see what she’s comfortable with.

Do watch and listen

The secret to working your lover into a pre-sex frenzy? Look at her and listen to her. As you kiss and touch her, pay attention to the way she responds. Is she moaning positively when you do that thing with your tongue? Then keep going. Has she moved your hand to her waist? Take the hint that she likes to be touched there. By taking visual and audio cues from your partner, both of you will get more pleasure from your foreplay.

Do have fun

Foreplay should be a relaxed and enjoyable activity. It’s also a great opportunity to get any awkwardness out of the way. Don’t worry about fumbling buttons, socks and tights while you undress. Play fight as you decide who’s going on top first. And while you’re doing all this, allow yourself to laugh, relax and enjoy the moment.

Foreplay Don’ts!

Don’t limit foreplay to the bedroom

A pinch on the bum after a morning shower. Sending a sexy midday text. Longing looks over dinner. All these flirty gestures count as foreplay and can help build the excitement of what’s to come when you have more time.

Don’t rush through it

A quick snog and squeeze of the boobs does not qualify as foreplay. Many people (both men and women) take time to become aroused. Indulging in foreplay allows your partner to relax and get in the right frame of mind for sex. If you can, simply drop the ‘fore’ and consider this time as simply sex play.

Don’t go straight for obvious spots

Foreplay shouldn’t be limited to genital stimulation. While it’s tempting to go straight for the clit and nipples, there are other hot spots on a woman’s body. Take your time over foreplay and consider how you can stimulate all her senses. Do this and you may unlock hidden turn-ons.

Don’t get too over-imaginative

Little games can be fun during foreplay. But we’re not looking for something that needs a whole rulebook. Try not to get too over imaginative — keep games light and short. Remember, you’re aiming for moans of pleasure, not of boredom.

Don’t fake it

There’s nothing worse than foreplay with feigned pleasure. Unless you’ve recently won an Oscar for a sex scene performance, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to pull off ‘genuine sexual pleasure’ convincingly. Rather than fake it, talk to your partner about the kind of foreplay you enjoy.

When it comes to foreplay, practice makes perfect. Book a date with All Sydney Escorts to put your foreplay skills to the test.