Hit All The Right Spots

You may be confident in the art of sex, but we want to make sure you can hit every spot on a lady. We feel there’s no harm in brushing up or even increasing your knowledge of the female body.  So, here are the seven erogenous zones that our sexy Sydney escorts have put together to help  make sure you can turn on any woman.


It’s all over the body, so there are countless areas to choose from. There are three really sensitive areas for women that will excite her. One is to lick or stroke her inner thigh. Secondly, gently nibble behind her knees as there are alot of nerve endings. You will be surprised at how crazy excited a woman can become from this. It’s also highly sensitive, so she’ll feel it wherever you choose to kiss, lick, massage or stroke her. Thirdly, the nape of a woman’s neck. By gently kissing this area you will send goosebumps all over her. Whichever area you choose to start with always start out light and gentle..

Hands And Feet

If she’s not too ticklish, stroke her hands and feet with your fingers, or gently massage them with oil or lotion. They’re great places to start to lead onto something more intense.

Neck And Ear

Kiss her neck and nibble her ear for a sure-fire way to get her in the mood and she will be sure to repay you in only ways you have imagined.

Breasts And Nipples

Whether they prefer firm contact or a gentler touch, all women like to have their breasts touched during sex or foreplay – just ask what they prefer. Soft gentle licking and sucking or hard out pinching the nipples and yes some woman do like that.


Smack them, stroke them or kiss them! A woman’s buttocks are soft, smooth and sensitive and let’s face it, you can’t help but squeeze a juicy double!


Stimulate and arouse your lady by playing with her clitoris. You’ll know you’re turning her on when it becomes firmer and more sensitive… not to mention wet and ready for you cock.


Not as much of an enigma as you might think. The G-Spot does in fact exist and is your avenue to making your woman moan with ecstasy – all you have to do is find it but don’t worry, our girls will let you know when you’ve hit the jackpot.