How To Last Longer During Sex

If you’re paying for the pleasure of a sexual escapade, then make sure you savour it. The last thing you want to do is take one bite and be full up!

Here are some good ways to last longer during your raunchy rendezvous:

  1. Have your sexy escort straddling you on top. This stresses your penis alot less! You won’t be able to thrust as hard whilst she’s in this position pinning you down but hey who cares with the view of her full breasts right in front of you ready to be fondled.
  2. Breathe deeply and evenly to avoid cumming too soon. Fast heavy breathing correlates with ejaculating not to mention hyperventilating! So to make your pleasure last longer slow it right down to a sexy and sensual rhythm. You could even add a groan here and there.
  3. Delay entry even if you want to get stuck right in. Slow down and try this first for a more intense orgasmic rush.  Tracing the rim of her pussy with your penis is not only really sexy it will have her worked up into a frenzy by the time you delve deep inside her.