How to Tell the Difference Between Love and Lust

Spotting the difference between love and lust is never easy. Intense physical attraction can make you feel as though you genuinely care for someone, when you’re really just infatuated with them. If you’re not sure whether you’re really in love, our escorts are highly practised in all things lust-related. We can offer the following advice to help you know when it’s the real deal.
The Science of Love
If you’ve ever fallen for someone only to have the relationship crash and burn after a few weeks, don’t be too hard on yourself. Your brain can actually trick you into feeling like you’re in love, thanks to a chemical called dopamine. Otherwise known as the ‘happy hormone’, dopamine is responsible for that giddy feeling you get when your crush smiles at you. It overloads your brain when you have sex, impairing your ability to think clearly. Despite feeling great at the time, this chemical reaction can have disastrous consequences.
From getting matching tattoos to moving halfway around the world for a relationship, dopamine can make you do all kinds of crazy things. The trick is to recognise it for what it is. Rather than allowing yourself to get swept away with your lustful feelings, try not to make any drastic decisions when you’ve just started dating someone. If your dopamine levels don’t balance out after a few months, you might actually be in love!
Lust is Greedy
It sounds sappy, but when you truly love someone, you want them to be the best version of themselves. Even though they might outshine you in some ways, if your partner’s happiness makes you happy, your feelings for them are probably genuine. Lust, on the other hand, isn’t quite so generous. If you’re infatuated with someone, you may start to rely on them too much for your own happiness. Of course, it’s perfectly normal to want to spend a lot of time with your significant other during that ‘honeymoon’ phase’ of the relationship. But if you can’t cope without them, not only is that not love, it’s also unhealthy.
If you get down in the dumps when your partner goes out with their friends, or resent it when they do anything without you, these are serious warning signs of a toxic relationship. Before things get worse, take a step back to assess your own behaviour. How much can you really love someone if you don’t want them to be happy without you?
Fantasy versus Reality
No matter how much you love someone (or how good they are in bed), nobody’s perfect. Lust might blind you to a person’s flaws for a while, but this blissful period can’t last for ever. If you like the idea of being with someone more than you actually enjoy spending time with them, this is a sure sign of a relationship built on lust, rather than love. If you’re willing to stay with your partner even after you’ve seen their imperfections, that’s how you know that you’re in love.
Don’t worry if you still struggle to tell difference between love and lust. We all make mistakes, and it might take you a while to get the hang of recognising genuine feelings. For a lesson in lustfulness, out escorts can teach you everything you need to know. Make a booking with All Sydney Escorts online today.