Is Sex the Secret to Staying Young?

Forgot about Botox and expensive face creams – sex could be the secret to maintaining your youthful looks! We’re not saying 20 minutes of nookie will smooth out all your wrinkles. But in combination with a healthy lifestyle, getting laid can help you look and feel younger. Don’t believe us? It might sound too good to be true, but there’s plenty of evidence to support this claim! Below are just some of the reasons why sex is the real-life fountain of youth.

Sex = Less Stress  

Did you know that sex is a powerful stress reliever? Instead of meditating or taking a chill pill, an active love life can be just as effective at staving off anxiety. During sex, all kinds of happy chemicals get released your brain, helping to fight stress hormones. Having sex can also help lower stress-related blood pressure, meaning the benefits are both physical and emotional.

If you experience high levels of stress, chances are you feel exhausted all the time. Even if you’re not in the mood for sex, getting it on can give you an immediate energy boost. So apart from enjoying more emotional stability, you’ll also feel less tired. What’s not to like?


Staying in shape is essential to maintaining your vitality. As you get older, you might start to lose the motivation to exercise. The trick to maintaining your fitness is variety! Rather than lifting weights, having sex can burn the same amount of calories as an intense workout. From your cardiovascular system to muscle strength, sex can benefit your physical health in a range of different ways.

Of course, it depends on the kind of sex you’re having, and how long it goes for. Five minutes of lacklustre love making probably won’t make much of a difference to how young you feel, but more athletic positons can help enhance your stamina. You probably shouldn’t ditch all forms of conventional exercise for a sexercise regime – but replacing the occasional spin class with sex can help you feel more youthful.

Sex is Nature’s Anti Inflammatory

In a study published in Secrets of the Super Young, impartial ratings of 3,500 people’s ages found that participants who had more sex were likely to look between 4 to 7 years younger. So can sex really heal your skin? According to one researcher, your face gets bathed in happy hormones during sex, allowing it to heal faster from daily wear and tear. Having the same effect as a face mask or moisturiser, these hormones can result in softer, less wrinkled skin. This theory isn’t exactly scientifically proven yet, but we can think of worse ways to try and look more youthful.

Do you think sex could be the secret to staying young? Or are you a little sceptical? There’s only one way to find out! To start having more sex, contact All Sydney Escorts today.