Joining the Mile High Club – With a Twist

A lot of people fantasise about joining the mile high club and many have actually gone for it. There are many ways you can join this elite club…a quick fumble in your plane seat under a blanket or a rapid blow-job in the toilet. There is without a doubt no better way to make a long haul flight alot more interesting.

It can go like this, another boring tediously long business flight, an endlessly long wait at security, the plane is delayed again!  However, with the sexy stewardesses going about their duties at least you can take your mind away to somewhere way more pleasurable.  Watching them as they saunter by you get a glimpse of their long legs, shapely bodies in those tight airline uniforms and perfect smiles as they get us all ready for takeoff.  You spot a hot looking woman, a lone traveller it seems, sitting across the aisle from you. Blown away by her tumbling brunette locks and full lips you can’t help staring. Looking up she catches you gazing at her and gives you a cheeky flash of her perfect white teeth surrounded by a full plump pair of lips. You don’t look away instantly but catch her gaze back and you both know this boring flight is about to get a whole lot better.

As the plane hurtles into the air your mind starts fantasising about what you would like to do to this stunning hot brunette. Imagining what her breasts, nipples and delicious pussy looks like stirs a familiar feeling in your groin. After the first, then second round of drinks, you’ve downed a couple of gin and tonics,  you’re ready to really up the flirting.

Exchanging cheeky winks and smiles you’re astonished when she gets up from her seat and bends over so you can see her pert ass as she pretends to look for something in her bag. She slowly stands up and walks away to the toilets but not before turning back to look at you as she goes in.  It’s then that you take your signal and follow her to bathroom. Checking no-one is watching you gently knock on the door, the door opens slightly and she lets you in! Not even getting a chance to introduce yourself as you walk in you see she’s already stripped down and has one leg up on the sink whilst she fingers herself getting wet and ready for you…

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