Leather Bound

Time to get your imagination soaring and envisage yet another sexy horny scene.  A gorgeous vixen in black thigh high leather boots carrying a whip, thick dark hair tumbling to her waist and sumptuous full lips forces your hands behind your back and snaps you into handcuffs.  You watch her as she confidantly sways across the room then purposely she bends over to pick up a blindfold. Your groin is stirring with that familiar feeling you know so well as you grow harder by the second.  Still bent over she pulls her underwear to one side sucks her fingers then she slowly begins to pleasure her pussy with them.  You are aching to get inside her as she walks back towards you with the blindfold and expertly ties it around the back of your head and starts whispering one of the sexiest dirtiest fantasies in your ear.  You sit listening to the creak of her leather boots as she teases all around you softly skimming your skin. Just close enough so you can smell her sweet scent.

Before you realise what is happening she leans over and straddles your lap.  Feeling her hard nipples near your mouth you put out your tongue enticing her to thrust her breast and nipple into your mouth so you can begin to lick and kiss them. This woman knows exactly how to make you hot and bothered as she gently groans and gyrates slowly on your lap. You can feel the heat coming off her hot wet pussy.

You can smell the leather and hear the crack of the whip just to remind you she is in control.  Your every sense heightened as this filthy dominatrix touches you in a way you have never experienced before leaving you ready to explode but… she’s not finished yet…

Do you think you can handle it? Why not give it a go and see how far you can take it. Would you like to be dominated by a horny vixen or would your preference be the dominator?

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