Let’s Play!

With role play and sexy outfits you can only be limited by your imagination. Our sexy escorts in Sydney are here to give you some interesting ideas to turn up the heat in the bedroom. Is there anything more sexy than a woman dressed up in a revealing outfit? Read on for our guide on the sexiest fantasy role play outfits a lady could wear in bed.


This outfit screams power and dominance. Play along with your girl as she arrives wearing a tight light blue shirt unbuttoned just enough to show her delicious cleavage teamed with stockings and suspenders. The sexiest policewoman you have ever seen. As she reads your rights, for the crime of having a large cock, she handcuffs you to the bed and all you can do is helplessly watch as she fucks herself with her police baton. When you can’t take any more she sits on your cock and bounces gently up and down, leaning over until all you can feel is her tits rubbing your face.


Office fantasies are common we know but let’s go there anyway! So there is a new temp secretary at the office. Strutting in wearing tight white shirt with a black bra peeking through and a tight pencil skirt hugging her round ass. All you can imagine is how she will be hoisting her skirt up for you by the close of business today;-) You start touching her as she talks on the phone realising she likes it you put your hand up her skirt to feel the top of her stockings. Stifling a gasp of pleasure when your fingers slip inside her soaking pussy you finish off by fucking her wildly over the desk as planned.


The kind of dirty French maid you dream of is unashamedly sexy and confident. She sassily walks around your apartment in her high heels and wearing nothing but a tiny apron. She bends over to pick up your towels from the floor and you can’t help but surprise her with your already hard cock. She squeals with pleasure and demands you fuck her right there and then. When this French maid leaves your apartment the only thing you will find clean is yours….well nothing! Best thing would be to get her back again don’t you think to do that again!

Sexy Cowgirl

The dirty cowgirl girl rides into town looking sexy with one thing on her mind which is to be ridden until she can’t walk straight. With her cute tight cut off jean shorts, tied up gingham shirt and big boobs popping out she stands out in the town! This slutty cow girl loves to ride and when we say ride we don’t mean horses. Lassoing herself some cock whilst strutting around in her cowboy hat and boots only! Hot damn she loves to ride and to be ridden yea ha!

Playboy bunny

How hot would it be to come home to your very own playboy bunny;-) Bouncing around with a tight black corset that accentuates her tiny waist and big tits. Her cute little cotton tail is just asking to be pulled and with all of her bouncing up and down you quickly get nice and hard. Literally fucking like rabbits with your cute little playboy bunny is a dream come true.

School Girl

Did you ever want to recreate those adolescent memories of being a horny teenager with the hottest girl in school !!! Then the school girl fantasy where you can make out with a hot girl (of age) dressed in her naughtiest school girl outfit. Tempting you with a short tartan box pleat skirt, tight white blouse unbuttoned too much of course and knee high socks. This naughty school girl isn’t wearing her knickers making it so easy for you to bend her over your knee for a good spanking and more!

Doctor/Nurse and Patient

There’s just something so hot and sexy about a naughty nurse or doctor giving that extra bit of attention for healing benefits of course. Our naughty nurses at All Sydney escorts get dressed up in very short tight nurses outfits that will always get your temperature rising. Oh dear you may need a cheeky sponge bath to cool down. Our stunning escorts in Sydney will always make sure you get your dose of hot and sexy lovemaking until the prescription is filled. If symptoms persist please make an appointment for 2 naughty nurses next time.