Make Her Cum

Laying in the afterglow of mutually satisfying sex is one of life’s great pleasure for both parties knowing you have been reasonable for bringing your partner to shear ectasy is almost as good as yourself coming.
So gentlemen make sure that she has the best time possible as you know that it will be mutually gratifying for you both There are a few simple tips should help you ensure your lady gets the best orgasm imaginable.
Let’s get things started by setting the scene in the bedroom….Clean sheets preffably satin they are silky, sexy and soft….Light a scented candle… get you toys out be prepared

Foreplay; be sure not to miss this stage, it will tune her in and her excitement will hone her sexual senses, leading to bigger and better things. Kiss her softly at first, while your hands sensually rub her body, avoid her breasts and pussy, this will get her really worked up and literally begging for you.

Slowly move on to her nipples, sucking and pinching as you go. If you really want to stimulate her nipples and Make her almost cum from nipple stimulation you could use the fire and ice technic this is where take an ice cube and erotically rub them over one of her nipple and then gently suck darting your tongue over her other nipple then alternate nipple, this will give her immense pleasure as her senses will be going in to over drive with ice and warmth of your mouth…her breathing will be rapid as she is becoming excited

As you move slowly down her body, kiss and tease each bit before bringing your mouth down to her pussy and lick slowly up, down and round her clit rhythmically. When she’s a writhing, sweating mess insert two fingers into her pussy and a make a “come hither” motion while you lick her clit, this will stimulate her g-spot and clit at the same time. As she peaks remember to keep the pace and don’t stop until she is completely spent.
By now she will be ready for your cock and you’ll be hardly able to hold back. Stimulating her in different ways during sex will lead not only her but both of you toward orgasm. Try using a vibrator on her clit as you pump into her. Keeping the same pace as the vibrator will blow her mind with sexual sensation. If a vibrator isn’t to hand then try using your fingers, you could encourage her to help you. Watch the show as she pleasures herself into orgasm.

So gentlemen you have made sure she has had time of her life make sure that she has the best time. A lady will always see that you are paid back in tenfold. There are a few simple tips should help you ensure your lady gets the best orgasm imaginable.