Make It Electric!

By Roxy Sayz

Bored with the same old positions? You needn’t do it doggy style every time to get your thrills when embarking on a sizzling rendezvous with an escort. Spice things up and get the kind of action that is currently missing at home by trying out some sensational sexual positions.

First up is the aptly named ‘Electric Slide’.  As your beautiful young escort lies down on the bed or on the floor, she is lying face down on her stomach and has her legs straight and slightly apart… you then sit behind her with your butt between her thighs and using your arms for support you lean back at a 45 degree angle, enabling you to penetrate her. As she uses her elbows for leverage, you rock back and forth and slip deeply inside her. This position is great if your preference is to be the dominant one, as you can set the pace and lead whilst she is submissive and allowing you the power to direct and coach. To add even more heat and electricity to this position you can get your supple young escort to arch her back as this will make her pussy even tighter.

The next electric position that must be tried is the ‘Joy Stick’ !! This time it is your turn to be dominated. Lie on the bed with your arms above your head and have your lady straddle you…as she slides down onto your cock she will also be sliding her feet up by your shoulders. Leaning back she will hold on to your shins or the bed for leverage, swiveling her hips in a figure of eight motion so that you get a 360 tour of electric penetration:) To get the sparks flying even more she can vary her motion and mix things up, altering her hip moves, the intensity and the pace… not knowing what is coming next is a sure fire way to add to the excitement.

Next up let’s try the Wraparound! This position is a great one for those who like to satisfy their lady:)  Start by sitting on the bed with your legs out stretched…have your chosen gorgeous Sydney escort climb on top of you and wrap her legs around and behind your back as you pull her in and on to you. Once you are locked and settled in this position you then move up and down at a speed that suits the both of you…one of the advantages that the wrapaound position allows is the ability to penetrate very deeply while also giving you easy access to her breasts:-)

As we delve deeper in our quest for the ultimate in electric we cum to the Organ Grinder…this is another position that is great for achieving deep penetration. Have your lush and sexy young Sydney escort lie back on the bed with her legs apart and hanging off the side of the bed…as you kneel in front of her and facing the bed she needs to raise her legs up on either side of you, allowing you to lean forward and get in close. You are now in the right place for your cock to slide into her and as you thrust back and forth make sure that her legs are still up and in front of your arms. This position has the added advantage of being at a great angle for hitting your lady’s g-spot!

We’re all for banning the missionary position At Sydney Escorts, but even we have to admit that this next position seems a little too much like it! It is appropriately called The Man Trap…  she starts by lying down on her back, on the bed… you then get on top of her, chest to chest…  start by thrusting in and out of her pussy but while doing so she needs to have her legs wrapped around yours so your bodies are interlocked and connected from top to toe. Having your legs interlocked allows the lady a little more power and control over the speed and rhythm of the action taking place… if you arch your back slightly whilst in this position you can allow him deeper inside of you with the result being a much more powerful orgasm for the both of you!


The ladies at Sydney Escorts enjoy trying new positions and also teaching new positions, so why not step out of your comfort zone tonight and not only choose a beautiful new escort for your pleasure, but also have a new sexual position memorised and ready to be tried and tested!!!  …if you don’t try some of these ideas on for size then how will you ever know whether you like one or the other ??? …and maybe you’ll be spectacularly surprised and find that your new position has lifted your electric sex up and onto a whole new level!! Mind blowing just thinking about it:-)