Make Valentines Special For You and Your Independent Escort

Valentine’s day is coming up, and you know what that means: it’s time for you to get yourself a hot date! It’s hard to miss Valentine’s season in Sydney. You see heart-shaped balloons everywhere, from malls to sidewalks. You notice flower shops getting busier and busier. You see Sydney light up in all its love-themed glory. Doesn’t this make you want to cuddle up with someone on the 14th February?  

If you’re newly single or if you simply want to experience true romance, Sydney’s independent escorts are there to keep you company on Valentine’s day. The most popular service availed of on this time of year? The GFE, or the girlfriend experience. 

The girlfriend experience is a type of service where you and your lovely lady friend take things slow. You sit down for dinner or drinks, you get to know each other deeply, you make each other laugh. For valentine’s day, availing of the GFE means you’ll be celebrating the true essence of romance with a beautiful companion.  

How can you make your valentine’s together truly special? Here are a few tips.  

Get reservations at a nice restaurant  

If you prefer taking an escort out before bringing her to your room for some private time, you will do well to book a table at a romantic restaurant. Valentine’s day is all about connection, and a significant part of romance is shared through meaningful conversation.  

Luckily for you, conversation is one of an escort’s many superpowers. The reason people love the company of an escort is that escorts know how to be a good listening ear. She’ll ask good questions, respond to your stories with enthusiasm, and generally make you feel that she is a safe space for you to get things off your chest. She’ll offer up her own stories as well, so you can get comfortable with her, too.  

This bond is best established in a place that sets a pleasant mood, somewhere with music that keeps you calm but is never louder than your own voice, somewhere that offers excellent wine that helps you let loose. Wouldn’t it be nice to click glasses with a gorgeous gal on Valentine’s day?  

Splurge on your lovin’ a little 

What’s valentine’s day without gifts? When you’re giving your date a gift on valentine’s day, we all know it’s not really about the gift itself, it’s about the gesture – the meaning. Getting her flowers shows you’re a true gentleman. Getting her jewelry means you value the fact that she made time to see you on this very special holiday. And you might even want to get her a set of lingerie to wear underneath her dress – you’ll both be aware that she’s a sexy seductress underneath her clothes, but everyone else would be none the wiser! How erotic is that?  

If you want, and if the escort agrees to it, introduce some toys to your play. Have you heard of vibrating panties – those that you can turn on and control while she sits helpless on the other side of the table? Watch her struggle to hide her pleasure face or hold back a moan! Isn’t that just the perfect mix of cute and sexy? 

Get the room ready for intimacy 

Compared to other services, it’s the GFE that offers the opportunity for intimacy, and as you may already know, intimacy is the best foreplay. You kiss and cuddle. You hold each other and run your fingers through each other’s hair as you talk about life in your sleepy bedroom voice. You build up your sexual tension slowly, cherishing every small moment.  

When you take her back to your room, ensure that the room’s ambience is made for intimacy. Have scented candles ready, make sure the furniture is clean and comfortable, and be ready with a properly curated playlist. This will put the both of you at ease, and will encourage you both to perform your magic on each other with a little more gusto. 

For as long as you’re properly connected – mentally, emotionally, and physically – sex will just be the cherry on top. What you’ll gain from this experience is a trustworthy companion who listens to you, knows what you need, fulfills your desires, and gives you the attention and affection you truly deserve. Isn’t that the most amazing valentine’s gift you could ever receive? 


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