Making Orgasms More Intense

We are forever trying to reach a higher state of pleasure, the ultimate orgasm, it’s a fact and it’s human nature. We aspire to something that will make us scream and writhe, until our bodies are dripping with sweat and we can’t even see straight!! So how can you make an orgasm more intense…is this in fact possible?

Well the first and most obvious way is to slow down the action…and we mean slow it right down. Take your time in the initial stages and start with the basics of foreplay, caressing and kissing. As you slide your hands over one of our Sydney Escort’s bodies keep the movement slow and gentle, exploring as you move all over and into every curve and valley, stroking and lightly teasing as you get to know every inch of skin on her young supple body. Try using your tongue to find the sensitive piece of skin behind the earlobe, circle her nipples and then move slowly down the length of her body. Not only will you find that her breathing has become irregular and her body has started to tremble with desire, you will also find your own breathing uneven as your pulse accelerates and you get harder and more excited with each passing second.

We all know that foreplay is a crucial part of sex, whether it be a hand job, a blowjob, sensory play and touching, or a passionate make out session. Never skip it (well maybe not never, as a quickie is great occasionally also!) but for the purposes of intensifying your orgasm, beyond anything you’ve experienced to date, indulge in the foreplay, take your time and relish it. It takes an enormous amount of control and effort, but when you draw out the pleasure for as long as humanly possible, you will intensify the orgasm to a point where you feel you are going to explode out of not just one point of your body but the top of your head and all over…it is a whole body experience that will leave you and your favourite Sydney Escort quivering and gasping for air, both of you hot, sweaty and completely sated.
Teasing the body is probably the best way to get satisfying, even earth shattering orgasms. When you are almost there, on the brink of coming,try to stop, pull back from the edge and take control… get your breathing back to steady and hold still for a while before then changing the position and action completely. This is far from easy and may take some practice to perfect, but in stopping and starting again you are enduring the ultimate teasing challenge that will build your desire and hunger to a point of almost desperation. When you finally climax however you will realise that the agony and ecstasy along the way was worth it. Your orgasm will be big and intense and from this blissful release a calmness and happiness enfolds you as you are completely and totally sated and satisfied…

Adding kegal excersises to your daily routine is another way to add to and increase pleasure during sex and also intensify that final orgasm. We all know that women do their pelvic floor muscle exercises but these also work for men.
Kegel exercises are a way of contracting the muscles of the pelvic floor, which give you greater control and intensity during sex. To get started try the simple exercise of lifting your penis up and down, slowly and steadily 10x, using your pelvic floor muscles to do the work. This exercise will build strength and control in your pelvis and groin region which is needed if your goal is the experience of a more intense and controlled orgasm, not just once but on a regular basis.

Controlling your breathing is another technique to master… as your penis thrusts in and out try timing your breathing to each stroke. This technique is used in tantric sex…using the stroke of your thrust in time with your breathing is a way of slowing down the action and maintaining control for as long as possible. As your penis thrusts in and out, slowly building in intensity, your breathing will become harder to control as your pulse speeds up and you push towards that final release… you will hear also your favourite Sydney Escort gasping and panting as she pushes against you, her hips thrusting upwards as she opens and invites your body in for an unbelievable intense and all consuming orgasm!!!!