Our Top 5 Sex Toys

Sex toys can bring so much eroticism to your sex life and they are not just for the ladies. With the discretion and ease of buying on line these days and the multitude of choices for many entering the exciting world of sexual pleasure has never been so easy….now is the time to let loose an experiment. So, in the spirit of mind blowing orgasms and downright dirtiness hold on for the ride of your life as we explore the top sex toys.

The Rabbit

You might think every woman and her dog has one of these babies tucked away in her knicker drawer and you would probably be right. We know from hearing our lovely Sydney escorts point of view that they would love a man to join in and use it on them! Surprise her by grabbing the rabbit and using it on her whilst you lick her pussy as she moans in ecstasy. She won’t need to tell you how hot and wet she is – you will feel it on your tongue.

Blindfold and Ball Gag

Ok, so technically this is 2 toys but they go together like strawberries and cream (mmmm, that gives us another sexy idea). Any man would be ready to explode seeing a sexy helpless woman wearing these when he walks in the door. Swap the scenario around and imagine you are the one wearing the blindfold. Lay back while a hot and horny woman tickles sucks and licks you all over.

The Whip

A whip doesn’t have to be dangerous (unless you want it to be) and is one of the sexiest toys to use. Men and women love the feeling of the tassels on the whip trailing over their most sensitive parts. Watch her nipples get rock hard as you tease her by pulling it gently over her tits and gasp with heightened pleasure as her mouth and the whip get all wrapped up with your bulging cock before she makes you cum everywhere.

The Handcuff

To be tied or not to be tied? Handcuffs are great for all types of role play experimentation. We have the naughty detective who arrests his partner then reads her a noticeably different set of rights – “You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to suck my cock” The ideas are endless for really naughty cheeky role playing. There is nothing more erotic than surrendering control to your partner. Allow yourself to be handcuffed to the bed while they have their wicked way with you or not so wicked.

Cock ring

Why not add a cock ring to really get things fired up in the bedroom and boost your performance at the same time. Much like a vibrator works for women cock rings will be personal preference also. There are many different types so it is a matter of finding the one that works best with your penis. The most popular cock rings vibrate. They deliver intensified stimulation for yourself and partner making you last longer. Delivering a more intense prolonged orgasm like never before. You will loose yourself in the sensational vibrations of the cock ring and will wonder how you ever had sex without one 😉