Outdoor Sex Fantasy

The risk factor of having sex outside means that it usually stays a fantasy but that doesn’t mean we can’t use it for inspiration. The following outdoor sex fantasy is so unbelievably sexy and outrageous we dare you to live out your own. If you have no partner to enjoy it with then one of our sexy escorts will be only too happy to oblige!

You’re sitting with your partner or escort on a picnic blanket in a park probably preferably not in your local area. There’s not a soul to be seen and you’ve just had the best selection of strawberries that the sweet taste is still lingering on the tip of your tongue. For no reason at all you’ve had a bottle of champagne between you and you’re feeling carefree, slightly tipsy, and you can’t stop staring at the buttons on her blouse.

As you lie beside her your hand brushes against the smooth, tanned skin of her thigh. She leans in to kiss you with those pillowy moist soft lips that you haven’t been able to take your eyes off. Now her lips have enveloped yours your cock is instantly hard and stiff. You can’t help but slip your hand up her skirt and inside her panties and to your surprise she’s already warm & wet. Maybe she’s been just as horny as you have this entire time…

Instead of resisting she shows you how much she’s enjoying your fingers by massaging your tongue with her own and moving her hand down your chest. You may be out in the open, but knowing she wants you its time to unbutton her blouse with your free hand to see those delicious pert breasts pop out. As you do so she starts unzipping your trousers and starts fondling and gently stroking your cock which is now as hard as rock.

With one swift look at your surroundings you thankfully realise you’re still alone so you go for it. This is clearly no quickie as your sexy lady is now completely naked and your dick is throbbing to fuck her oh so hard. As the sun beats down upon you both you get hot and sweaty, thrusting her hard and deep while both of you are moaning with pleasure not caring if anyone comes across you.

With no idea how much time has passed, she’s begging for you to cum, and you lose all control and release. You lie on top of her naked and sweating, panting breathlessly, and kiss her neck to calm her down. In no rush to put your clothes back on, she then whispers in your ear, “Let me know when you’re ready for round two…”