Pink or Brown?

Whether you are playing a game of snooker or contemplating your favourite nipple you will find that you are a part of the ever present debate between the two shades of colour, each distinct and unique, that have been pitted against each other and present since the beginning of time…

Most people think that nipple colouring is dependant on race, but in fact this is not quite true. A South American lady can have fair skin and pink nipples, while it is not uncommon to find a caucasian lady with dark nipples. Also your hormones play a part as they can change the aerola to a darker shade depending on your age, stage of life, levels of oestrogen and many other factors. Of course no hot blooded male is interested in any of these details, but it is definitely a topic many females may find interesting. Some women in fact are totally oblivious to the existence of very different nipple colours until they find themselves in a situation whereby they are witness to the contrast as they see and compare their own nipples to another’s !
Melanin is the skin pigment that gives your skin its colour. Dark-skinned people have more melanin than those that are fair skinned. Melanin also acts as a sunscreen and protects the skin from UV rays… this therefore being the key factor in that dark skinned populations are not as prone to skin cancers.

The perkiness of a set of pink against translucent white skin has been likened to a pair of pert nipples that are sitting atop each breast, like the cheeky cherries on two perfect cupcakes… these nipples are usually small and perfectly shaped and for those that prefer this pink perfection they are your fantasy, your ideal and the thing you crave and desire in any passionate encounter. In your head, your heart and your groin you know and pray that your life partner will have such a set:-)
The alternative and opposing side have a preference for the warm brown shade of nipple… those that adorn a full and sumptuous pair of breasts, with smooth olive skin golden and warm, inviting you to bury your face down in the valley that resides between, created and shaped perfectly, especially for you! It is here you will savour and sweat in the height of passion as only these nipples on these breasts can satisfy your hunger and bring you to climax! There has always been these two teams.. different colours, different shapes and sizes… but which ever you fancy they are both just delicious!

With pink nipples you might be tempted to caress and nibble and kiss, while the brown pair may create a need to lick and squeeze and suck… much like the difference between marzipan and the liquid soft centre of a gateux. Perhaps you like the tightness of a neat pink pussy, or maybe your preference is a lean tanned mound to rest your lips upon. Another scenario, or rather the fantasy of many hot blooded men, both young and old, is to see and participate in a steamy encounter that involves both the pink and the brown, so nipples and pussies playing together with each other, writhing and sliding against each other then with you…

If you are someone that likes to have their cake and eat it, suck it, lick it too, then why not consider having a little bit of both. It may not be your birthday but that seems a poor reason for restraint. For an experience of total indulgence and pure pleasure why not treat yourself to the unrestrained and mind blowing passion that 2 beautiful women together can offer you. From soft melting chocolate to sweet tart cherry, a feast for the eyes and senses is what you will find when immersed in the beauty of both pink and brown together.

Whether pink or brown it is a scientific fact that when they are stimulated correctly a lady can achieve orgasm. Therefore foreplay should always include time and attention spent with your partners breasts. Most woman love having their breasts touched, but like the size and colour of a ladies nipples varies so too is the variation in what will stimulate and arouse a lady and her nipples… how gentle or hard should you go about this and for how long??? Some like to be tuned slowly and with care, like a finely tuned violin, while others prefer to be taken firmly in hand by passionate caressing and squeezing and sucking. What can arouse one lady may turn another completely OFF.

But always remember gentlemen that all nipples are unique and different and so too is the sensitivity of each ladies nipples and the stimulation required to arouse and tease them… you will need to start slow and be aware and sensitive to how she responds.. back up and slow down if your lady feels tense, but then stay and continue a move and technique that has her melting in and towards you…
So which will it be… pink or brown? Small or large areola ? Tattooed or pierced, flat or protruding, an endless mix of all shapes and sizes.. All beautiful and all in need of your attention!!!!

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