Positions to Penetrate – the Best and the Worst

When it comes down to it, sex is all about angles. Hitting the right angle can blow your mind, but hitting the wrong one can blow the night. Nailing how you nail someone can make it so you go the distance every time and maximise the other person’s enjoyment as well. What more could you ask for? Here are our top (and bottom) options for your bedroom pleasure.

Best: Modified Missionary

Missionary is cool. Modified missionary is cooler. Changing the angle of the hips can make a massive difference and allow for deep penetrative sex. Throw a pillow under the bottom person’s lower back and bring those hips up. You’ll find a much deeper thrust can be achieved, letting both parties enjoy some much-needed satisfaction. Throw her legs over your shoulders for some next-level sensations.

Worst: Cowgirl

Calm down – we know cowgirl is ah-ma-zing. We’ll be honest, though: this is the position that causes the most injuries. It’s great for the ladies to take control and determine the pace and depth, but it can be risky. Communicate, be careful, and make sure any straight up-and-down movement is steady and doesn’t go too high.

Best: Doggy

If you like it hard, fast and slightly rough, this is for you. Doing someone from behind gives you complete control over the situation, and you get a great view of that ass at the same time. It’s fairly safe to go hard, and you can hold onto her waist for extra leverage.

Worst: Butter Churner

In the butter churner, the female starts on her back, then raises her body to be perpendicular to the ground so her weight is on the back of her neck. Then you come along and enter from above. If your partner’s idea of fun is a nice carpet burn on her neck, the butter churner is for you. Not only do heights have to be pretty compatible for this precarious position to work for penetration, it can be dangerous for the person on the bottom. Give it a go if you dare!

Best: Spoon

Everyone loves a good spoon. Add sex into the mix and it becomes awesome. While the depth of penetration does depend on how your particular angles work together, this is also a great position to reach around and provide some extra stimulation of her clit.
Of course, everyone is unique, and depending on your specific body you may find certain positions better or worse. The best thing to do? Experiment! Try a range of different positions and see what turns you on most – you may find that the view is as important as the physical penetration.
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