Private Show

by Roxy Sayz

Have you ever been to a strip club and while there been treated to a private show… one on one… just you and this beautiful young girl with a body built for sin!! Why not let one of our stunning young escorts recreate this sexy fantasy just for you and you alone… Just the way you like it;) After choosing your perfect match from our Sydney escort gallery, take the time at the start of your booking to let her know the important parts of your private show fantasy and also the areas where things can be a little more fluid and she can add her own naughty ideas to this hot and horny story. Although not every escort is a Hollywood actress, there are more than a few that love nothing more than playing up, playing dirty and playing to an audience! So you have the gorgeous escort of your dreams at last, you have shared your stripper fantasies while enjoying a glass of wine, a comfortable couch and some stroking and slow caressing to check she is the match of your dreams… the room is warm but not hot and the music is a slow rhythmic mix of tribal beats and sexy grooves… It’s time for this fantasy to begin… soft lights, porn star hopefuls, let’s roll with this fantasy… Are we ready please?! …and 4,3,2,1.. Action !!!!

You walk into the strip club and instantly a girl catches your eye; her body is exquisite, her hips flow and gyrate, her perfect large breasts are bouncing and jiggling as she approaches. She leans in close to you – her lips near your ear, whispering so only you can hear her. She offers you something you can’t refuse – a private show.

She leads you through the club and towards a room near the back… in here it’s just you and her alone.. The music from the club still reaches this room, soft and low the pulsing rhythm has your hips ever so slightly thrusting forward…and all this time her supple young body has been gyrating and swaying, moving with the beat, endless rhythm as the music moves her fabulous curves, a sensual dance that is flirtatious and suggestive… primal and totally irresistible! She pushes you back slowly onto the plush couch, taking your drink from your hand as she does so, her breath teasing your ear as she tells you to watch. You sit back, captivated by this gorgeous Sydney escort as she slowly sways to the music, her hands seductively creeping up and down her body.

She lets the music guide her as she teases you with glimpses of her thong-clad ass under her dress. She knows what you like, and she takes the longest time to let you savour the curve of her body as she slowly undresses….
Her hands find the hem of her dress and she tentatively pulls it up and over her body, revealing her beautiful breasts and shaved pussy. She’s close to you now and you inhale the scent of her as she dances even closer and then on to your lap… Her moves are smooth and hypnotic as she straddles you, now grinding and thrusting slowly just inches above your pulsating hard cock. Drawing the curtain, she looks back at you and you get the feeling that this isn’t just a strip tease, your face becomes flushed and breathing irregular as your pulse races and you hear the sound of your blood rushing in your ears. Kneeling before you this beautiful young escort is now totally naked, her firm body perfectly curved and lightly tanned all over. She uses her mouth to slowly roll a condom on and gently down your huge cock, which right now is holding on to its last remnants of control. Climbing on top of you, naked with her supple body rubbing gently all over you she reaches down, pulls your cock into position, then slowly slides her tight wet pussy down, down down… It feels like forever as her pussy sucks you tight and deep inside of her. Finally she stops, your cock buried deep and she is impaled and panting, her pupils dilated, her passion barely controlled.
A few minutes pass that feel like a lifetime… then suddenly all control is lost and your private show stripper is riding you, hard and fast, her breasts bouncing wilding, both your bodies slick with sweat. Her moans of passion are not quiet and then you’re both shouting out in wild pleasure, bodies shaking as the convulsions of the crazy orgasm you are riding together rock you to the core!!!! An incredible finale for your private show sexual fantasy… 
We should do this more often! Cut!! That’s a wrap!!! 🙂