Rocking To Rhythm

As we all know music plays an essential role to our sensory experiences and having a good bedroom play list is a must to any sexy rendezvous with a beautiful lady. As the music gently plays in the back ground you can use it to guide your body’s movement, losing yourself in the moment. Music heightens every physical sensation and can add immeasurable pleasure to your intimate encounter with one of our beautiful Sydney Escorts.

Listening to music releases dopamines in the brain, which as most of us know is the “feel good” hormone.  This hormone gets released when we eat, sleep and of course have sex. So adding music to your booking with one of our sexy Sydney Escorts will undoubtedly result in hot passionate sex and an all round amazing experience!

When you play music during sex you naturally become more focused on the task at hand.  Any meddlesome or monotonous thoughts just drift to the background as you and your partner become totally absorbed in each other.   Now your attention is fully focused on your partner’s body and doing what feels good. Of course this impacts on the duration of your romp and increases the intensity of it. What are you waiting for? Turn up some Teddy Pendergrass and turn off the lights, pop the cork on some bubbles and light a candle or two… now you are really setting the tone and creating the mood for passion…

Something that you might not know is that music also has the potential to actually increase your stamina and performance in the bedroom. Your body becomes attuned to the rhythm of the song and moves instinctively, according to the flow. So if you can imagine a fast paced song playing as your bodies pump and grind together… you will find that you move your hips faster, keeping your thrusts in time to the music, your kisses becoming hotter and more frantic as you near orgasm.  Alternatively you may play music that is much slower, with a deep sensual underlying rhythm… you will find your movements becoming slower, deeper and more sensual and your sexual encounter will last longer as you and your passionate Sydney Escort merge as one and become lost in the rhythm.

By adding a sexy soundtrack to your tryst we can guarantee that you will have an amazing sensual experience with one of our sexy Sydney escorts. We know that your memories from this encounter will keep your senses heightened and your pulse raised for many days after, as you look for any excuse to replay a certain song on your car stereo, or even just in your head, the music plays on as you relive that incredible steamy session.  It may be hard to keep a straight face while at work, or you may find that you are singing that tune out loud with a satisfied and very happy grin on your face… if only they knew why they’d understand 😉

So there you have it gentleman, the evidence is in and you now know the importance of creating an expert play-list for your boudoir! Now is the time to get organised and started on your personalised vibes, the playlist that will have women melt in your arms. Or maybe a mix that gets your hips thrusting and your partner wet and panting. Should you find yourself stuck for ideas or struggling to choose the best songs for your ultimate sex play list, then our ladies at All Sydney Escorts have a few favourite titles to suggest, that we think will definitely get you in the mood.  Just the mention of these songs had our ladies all fired up with sexy stories to share, of primal passion and bodies moving and grinding to the beat, as the music leads the way to that most obvious of destinations…   the ultimate mind-blowing climax!!!!

Julia Little Less Conversation by Elvis vs. JXL
Breanna – Original Sin by INXS
Christine – Push It by Salt’nPepper
Erica – Crazy by SEAL
Samantha – Feel Like Making Love by Roberta Flack
Anastasia – Moves Like Jagger by Marron 5
Mikaila –  Sexual Healing by Ben Harper
Lexy- Sex on Fire Kings of Leon

If you want to book any of the ladies above who will bring there play list along please ENQUIRE now and we will make it happen for you with ease.