Santa’s Naughty Helpers

It’s that wonderfully joyous time of year again when indulgence is key and the good times are rolling. However, its not just food you have to be gluttonous with.  Why not try out another sin and have some adult entertainment festivities with one or perhaps more of our our sexy Sydney escorts. After all you`ve worked hard all year and it is Christmas!  Everyone deserves a treat at this time of year whether you`ve been naughty or nice!

Mrs Claus can get a little lonely this time of year when her husband is working such long hours so it’s important you give her a visit to help her with the stuffing ;-). She’s also got a whole load of toys and no one to play with as Santa and the elves are all out. With loads of whipped cream left from making lots of festive treats our escorts in Sydney have all sorts of surprises in store.  The mind can go wild after a few champagnes imagining how to use up the rest of that delicious creamy cream.

Remember our little xmas escorts have  picked up a few tricks over the years and can tell whether you’ve been naughty or nice but dont worry they wont be dishing out lumps of coal for the former. Oh no… if you’ve been naughty then the spare reindeer whip just might make an appearance. So down those trousers and get ready for a good hard spanking and lots more. Roll over and she will tend to that throbbing cock like never before.  Licking and sucking every inch of your naughtiness!  Your naughty little helper may reveal just how bad ass she has been all year and want to be thrown over your knee for a good spanking too!  Once her bottom is red flip her over to lick and suck that delicious shaved pussy of hers until she almost reaches orgasm!  She has been so bad you will need to stop there and thrust your hard cock deep inside of her until you explode.

If you’ve been nice then expect our naughty littles escorts to show you how good you’ve been and treat you oh so well. Perhaps you prefer to tell her you`ve been bad 😉

Happy Christmas from the team at All Sydney escorts!