Saucy Sydney Speakeasies

If there is one thing that Sydney does well, it’s speakeasies. With flowing drinks, low lighting and corners you can hide away in, bring your beautiful Sydney escort to any one of these haunts and it will make a great start to an exciting night ahead.

Lobo Plantation

Rum is the spirit of choice in this basement bar, which means delicious and skillfully crafted cocktails. The tables are small and lit by a single candle to ensure an intimate space is enjoyed between you and your sexy young escort of choice!

Eau De Vie

Hidden at the back of the Kirketon Hotel, Eau De Vie holds over 500 spirits, so you can treat your lady to any drink she wishes plus many she has never heard of. For comfort, head into the Whisky Room where you will find sumptuous black leather sofas lining the sultry black walls and candle-lit tables.

Palmer & Co

Harking back to the 1920s, Palmer & Co is tucked discretely down an alley and underground. Enjoy this clandestine and very sexy bar, with its extensive menu of spirits and cocktails and also flapper waitresses dressed up to the nines Soft moody lighting and quiet booths are just the trick for you and your beautiful Sydney escort to get to know each other, in a more intimate way… this glamour puss escort will fit right in

Absinthe Salon

Indulge your sexy young escort with the absinthe experience!! Go back to a Bohemian era of artists, poets and writers and let the elixir captivate both of your senses, before returning together to your hotel room and a night of wild and intense passion.

The Roosevelt

Surrounded by art deco design, leather seating, dimly-lit tables and cocktail ingredients, the bar and diner of The Roosevelt is all about 1950s New York. With cocktail names such as Re-Fashioned, The Owl & The Pussycat and Mr Sin, your stunning Sydney escort will feel like you’re very own million-dollar Marilyn Monroe.

Speakeasy Bar

This is a favorite for anyone on a date in Sydney! Speakeasy Bar is a stylish little space with a great wine list and a focus on Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, should your fancy lady work up an appetite. Choose from the share plates and feed each other nibbles when no one else is looking.

Uncle Ming’s

The walls are bathed in red light at Uncle Ming’s and the aroma of incense wafts throughout this small underground bar. Reminiscent of a 1930s Hong Kong den …the mind can’t help but race once inside.

The Baxter Inn

Think the roaring twenties meets modern day Sydney. Friendly bartenders dressed in 1920’s attire will mix you any drink you wish and for whiskey lovers there is a wall of whiskey to choose from… talk about tempting! Relax with your stunning Sydney escort and let the theatrical feel of the surroundings add to the sexual tension that is building between you, as the night becomes less like reality and more like a fantasy… the bar is hidden down a lane and in the basement of a building towards the end, far enough away from prying eyes that you and your naughty young escort can forget the rest of the world and indulge in a night of wild uninhibited fun! After all the 1920’s was the decade of Burlesque (the earliest strippers!) …in the speakeasies of this era respectable people could be totally unrespectable, so in following this tradition you could say that in our current decade pretty much anything goes !!!!

The Slide

Do you remember the film “Burlesque”? The Slide bar is our Sydney version of the club from this movie. Every week they have Cabaret performers and fabulous shows that will dazzle and titillate you and your fun-loving young escort. As you share an excellent meal you will find yourself laughing, singing along and even on your feet dancing as these entertainers are world class! With gorgeous scantily clad dancers all around, both you and your sexy date will find it hard not to be fantasizing about your time together later, when clothing is discarded and your bodies are entwined in passionate abandon…


This bar is conveniently situated close to Circular Quay and The Rocks. It is located above ‘The Establishment’ bar, which for those in the know is built in the burnt out remnants of the George Pattinson building. Unwind in a contemporary and unique setting that incorporates in its furnishings and décor some ottoman and bohemian influences, creating a relaxed and decadent mood. There are stylish hotels room located above the bar area, so should the mood prove irresistible then there is not far to travel for you and your beautiful Sydney escort to have a night of wild passion! …ask her to be your harem slave girl, I dare you… !!!!

So contact us now and we will help you decide where you can take your lucky lady to speak easy?