Secretary At Your Service

How often are you sitting at the office lately fantasising about your secretary or anyone and everyone else’s for that matter.  Like most hot-blooded males who fantasise every seven seconds about sex or a sexual act we are sure you are no different.  So gentleman, you’ll be familiar with the allure of a tight pencil skirt, the lace tops of a smooth pair of stockings, the spiky stilettos and the strained blouse with a hint of a cleavage just aching to be unleashed from her silk blouse.  As she brings you a cup of tea and bends down over your shoulder to pop it on the desk you often get a glimpse of that full plump cleavage. Perhaps you like her sexy glasses and the curve of her gorgeous full bottom as she leans over the photocopier?

If this sounds like your office daydream then that’s something we can definitely help you bring to reality with one of our Sydney escorts that specialise in fantasies.  After all there’s nothing more fun than a bit of role play and dress up! Imagine a seriously sexy secretary of your own to take down your notes while you take down her knickers? Would you have her bent over your desk or straddling your lap while you talk to a client on the phone? Maybe you would just like to watch as she lays across her desk and pleasures herself?

Whatever your preference our naughty girls will never disappoint and will take care of any job, no matter how big or small, quickly and efficiently.

We’re ready to make your fantasy come true so you can relive it in your head whilst you while away the hours stuck at your desk… just pop us on speed dial and we’ll be right with you Sir… 😉 xxx000