Sex Outside the Bedroom

Using the same old positions, in the same old place every time can honestly become uninspiring and even quite mundane. The perfect and in fact the easiest way to spice up your sex life is to move it outside of the bedroom, with your partner or with one of our beautiful Sydney Escorts! Switch it up a level, turn up the heat and be a little adventurous…it will make the sex ten times better and also ten times more memorable.

Sometimes when you need to satisfy the animal instinct that is inside of you, the part of you that is basic, primal and simmering quietly beneath the polished facade you present to the world, the same old sex in the cosy comfort of your bedroom just won’t cut it. The usual foreplay leading into the same favourite comfortable positions, in the same place can become monotonous to say the least…in fact there may be times that you have in fact stopped midway and opted instead to cuddle up and sleep. Or even worse, maybe you found yourself nodding off midway through your usual foreplay routine, an embarrassing scenario only surpassed should you find your partner dozing quietly between your legs long before she has blown your trumpet so to speak:-) It is definitely time to make some serious effort to ramp up the action should anything like the above have taken place! Let your animal instinct lead the way, it is time to get creative, turn up the heat, be a little adventurous and add some spiced up dirty action to your sex life. Move the foreplay and the sex itself out of the bedroom with one of our adventurous and very naughty Sydney escorts…you will find the sex that you experience moves from a 6 out of 10 okay, to a 10 out of 10 mind blowing event!! You can create mind blowing sexual encounters that linger in your memory simply by changing the location and getting a little creative.
Are you feeling hot and sweaty…maybe a little dirty after a long day in the car or at the office? Nothing beats getting in the shower together, soaping each other up and cleaning every part of you…and her…every groove, every valley, every hidden inch of flesh. The shower is the one place that everyone should try as an alternative to the bedroom!!! Having sex as the water cascades over her breasts, stop if you can for a break in the action, grab the soap again and gently lather it up into soft foam that you can massage over her stomach and then down into the hot wetness between her legs…then as she groans softly lift her hips and wrap her legs around you so that you may drive yourself deeper inside of her…pushing her back against the shower wall as your sweat mixes with hers and then is washed away clean by the water rushing down all around you…your bodies deliciously slip and slide over and into one another until eventually you reach that final orgasm together. Or if you are not up to doing it standing up, then try running a bubble bath and let your bodies interlock and rock beneath the water whilst your hands explore her body and grip her tightly as you thrust yourself deep inside her pussy which opens and thrusts towards you, wanting you as you want her…
Another idea that can move you out of the bedroom is going for a drive… take the car and one of our gorgeous Sydney escorts and take a drive to a secluded park, a dead end quiet street, or a deserted strip of beach and park up…then play up! Like you did as a teenager or maybe while you were at university, let those hormones kick in and take over so that you lose your inhibitions and let your primal desires lead the way to some back seat action that is hot passionate and electrifying…your adrenaline will be pumping as the danger lights the fire of your passion…anyone could catch you, but it doesn’t matter at this point as you’re ready to explode with excitement as your bodies come together with an animal passion impossible to resist! In the front or back seat you can try various positions until you find the one that works for you. There may be more than one position that lights you up, so take the time to try them all:)
There is a reason that many porn films are shot in the living room. Think about it…the sofa is relaxed and sexy and offers numerous possibilities and options for a variety of positions; missionary, doggy-style, cow girl, 69…you name it and you can almost certainly do it easily in the living room. Then after the event every time you sit down on the sofa in your lounge room you will be reminded of your sexual escapades. The memories of these sessions will start you burning and reliving the moments of lust and passion that led orgasms of the earth moving variety!!!
Thinking outside the bedroom will definitely make your sex life hotter than hot, so try as many places as your imagination will allow and enjoy the thrill you get from unbridled passion and erotic instinctual sex that culminates in the ultimate finale!!!!!!.