Have you ever wondered why the ladies at All Sydney escorts have great physiques ? Its due, in part to the great work-out they love to do between the sheets. We like to call it sexercise and this is the exercise they love to participate in. This is what makes these horny ladies get out of bed in the morning oops or should we say stay in bed 😉 Not only is sex loads of fun it’s great for your health. The more adventurous you are in the bedroom the more calories you will burn. You can get extremely fit with a good hour’s session between the sheets or wherever you choose. Improving muscle tone, heart health, endurance and stamina. With a number of different moves and positions to please both you and your lady it’s the perfect way to start or end the day.

Have your girl underneath you and thrust hard and fast while using your legs, arms and shoulders to balance. There’s loads of physical activity involved with being on top and you’ll stretch and work all of your muscles in these areas. Time to swap positions put your beautiful babe up top and watch as she works on her inner thighs. This is where you should have your arms on her waist to gently help keep her balanced, thus using your biceps which in time will give your arms nice definition…..Don’t forget to keep your abs nice and tight.

Popular with many men is doggy style, which, not surprisingly puts a lot of pressure on your partners arms and legs as she stabilises herself on all fours. The angle may be perfect for you while you grab her hair or her ass or tits from behind but it’s also giving her an awesome upper arm work out and core workout (which you may be able to tell from the sweat dripping down her back). For the gentlemen with all that slow or hard rhythmic thrusting it is giving you a great glutes work out.

So we now have you standing for the ultimate work-out.  This will engage your core muscles, leg muscles and increase upper body strength. Keep in mind before you try this one its not for the faint and maybe one to work towards.  Although getting your heart racing for all the right reasons we feel it’s definitely worth the effort.

Put even more pressure and fun into your sex session by getting on your feet and fucking your lucky lady standing up.  By leaning her against a wall, not only do you work out your quads and lower back, you can also build those arms by keeping her lifted throughout.

Sexercise is a great work out between the sheets and the more adventurous you are the more your body will thank you for it. So what better excuse to do a good hard work-out and to be experimental during sex. With so many positions and moves at your fingertips, see which of you begs for mercy first…

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