Sexiest Beaches In Sydney

Sydney’s coastline contains some of the world’s most famous beaches. Not only do they offer the chance to laze around and relax whilst enjoying the stunning views, Sydney’s beaches also offer up a whole lot of sexy and romantic opportunities for you and your favorite Sydney escort! So if you are looking to frolic on the sand with your gorgeous young escort one lazy afternoon, here we have listed a few excellent choices for you to consider. Add them to your radar if you have an interest and a need for the perfect afternoon of sun, sand, sea and then of course the grand finale of hot passionate sex with your beautiful Aussie beach babe Sydney escort

Chinaman’s Beach

250 meters of golden sand, Chinaman’s Beach is located in a quiet residential area in the wealthy and stylish suburb of Mosman. It boasts a seclusion and privacy that city beaches normally can only dream of. Why not splurge and take your gorgeous companion to this beach by boat… excite and dazzle her with spectacular Sydney harbour views as you speed over the water towards your beach destination. Once there you will find Chinaman’s beach perfect for a relaxing and cooling swim, then your hot date can continue in the water or perhaps you might prefer the sand with an umbrella for a little shade and seclusion! The site of your gorgeous young escort’s bare flesh, perfect pert breasts and long legs leading to her sexy rounded arse is more than breathtaking. In fact you can’t wait to get back to your hotel so that you may really taste and plunder that beautiful body!

Palm Beach

A sweeping stretch of sun and sand, Palm Beach is so beautiful it feels almost exclusive. As one of Sydney’s most famous northern beaches it boasts a selection of fine restaurants, luxury accommodation and long days of sunshine to make this a hotspot for sexy couples looking to escape the city for a naughty weekend away. Impress your escort by travelling here in a chauffeured car that will deliver you to where you have booked a spectacular house overlooking the ocean, with a picture perfect wraparound verandah. Enjoy a scrumptious meal catered for by your own private chef, which will of course give you the strength and stamina for the passionate and action packed sex that will follow…your sexy Sydney escort will match your pent up desire and satisfy your hunger and lust. Enjoy this night of passion and wild sex under the stars with the Pacific Ocean as a back drop.

Milk Beach

With sand so soft, Milk Beach is the perfect name for this Sydney Harbour National Park paradise. A well-kept secret with limited access besides public transport, boat and off-street parking. Here you can enjoy some of the best views in Sydney, including the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, all on show for you to enjoy with the escort of your choice.

Obelisk Beach

Secluded, quiet and tranquil, if you and your favorite Sydney escort want to escape the boundaries of clothing, Obelisk Beach is one of the few nudist beaches in Sydney. Sitting on the southern side of Middle Head in Mosman, you can enjoy the curves and lean perfect body of your Sydney escort… soaking up the sun together, lying relaxed and entwined all day long…

Cobbler’s Beach

Located very close to Obelisk beach, this is a hidden gem, accessible by car, public transport or boat. As you walk down the track that leads to beach you will see stunning views of the Balmoral swimmers pavilion as well as lots of native wildlife. There are plenty of secluded tracks that lead discreetly to various areas where you and your sexy escort could indulge in some outdoor sex fantasies. This beach is a nudist beach so you can get your kit off and soak up the sun. Maybe start by helping each other undress and then in turn each of you sensually rub sunscreen all over each other bodies… watch as you rub the lotion along and down, into every groove and curve, the sun glistening seductively on her skin. Take a champagne picnic lunch so you can tease each other with food and playful caressing, then enjoy a sensual skinny dip together where I am sure you will get to know each other intimately. An added bonus here is that the beach is visited by boats that sell great coffee and juices, plus also delectable and delicious ice creams. This beach is very special and one of my favorites… it should be somewhere up the top of your ‘must see’ list!!!

Little Congwon Beach

South of the city is Little Congwong Beach – you will find lovely places close by where you and beautiful young escort can enjoy a meal before a short stroll to the beach. This is the perfect place for a spot of sexy skinny-dipping. With clothing optional here you can get up close and personal with your escort and as you tread water in this picturesque place you can gently fondle and explore each other’s sensitive spots… sounds like a good plan don’t you think??  Contact Us to make an enquiry on the best beach in town with the best escort in town.