Sexual Fantasies

Everyone has their own favourite sexual fantasy or maybe a few of them; things that, in quiet moments on our own in bed or during a morning shower, we dream of doing, a secret dream in which our fantasy unfolds and we are left aroused and wanting with our pulse racing!! If you had the chance to take your most secret fantasy and make it a reality, you know for a fact this would be a game changer …the routine and regular sex that had become the norm would be a thing of the past. Acting out your fantasy would open the door to a whole new world of steamy, mind-blowing and totally erotic sex… the kind of sex that leaves you yearning and aching for more! Our Sydney Escorts love what they do and on the top of that love list is having the chance to take your secret fantasy and make it a reality. Our ladies are confidant, creative and very naughty and so whatever your fantasy might be, or whatever your imagination has wondered could be possible, they are ready to make it real for you, whenever or however you want it… They get great pleasure from taking your deepest darkest sexual fantasy and bringing it to life, no matter how dirty, dark or twisted it might be… bring it on boys is their attitude… tell us what you want and we will deliver…any time, any where and any way you like it. Just the thought of being able to bring your deepest and darkest desires to life must be sending shivers through you right now, muscles clenching, temperature rising, hips instinctively thrusting forward…
It’s common knowledge that men fantasise about sex. A lot! So while you are sitting at your desk, or driving, or maybe you’re at the gym on an exercise bike, where ever your favourite quiet location might be, start with the thought of your next booking with a lady from Sydney Escorts… then add in your secret fantasy. To get started try using some of the fantasies listed below. At least one of them is sure to get your creative juices flowing…

#1 Threesomes 

All men want to have one at some point in their lives, no exceptions. The sight of not just one naked female body but two of them, in such close proximity, skin against skin, is guaranteed to make a man weak at the knees as the blood rushes to the groin area. Undeniable and always a wild fantasy, no matter where it sits on your bucket list!

#2 Role Play 

This is like sleeping with different women, in different scenarios. By taking part in sexual role-playing you can make even the wildest fantasies come to life, heightening your sexual arousal and making sex more exciting than you have ever imagined.

#3 Domination 

To dominate or be dominated, it doesn’t matter, men love it and women love it also 😉 When a woman takes control of your body you are putting her in charge of your pleasure, absolutely and totally!! This can be a massive turn on and the climax at the end will be like nothing you have ever experienced before. Alternatively you may want to feel powerful and dominant, in complete control of her body and desires. As you torture and tease every piece of her the sound of her moaning and begging for more fills your ears…

#4 Public sex 

There is nothing like the thrill of having sex in a public place! The thought that you could be caught in the act, whether it be at the beach, in a park, the stairwell of your office building, the sauna at the gym, maybe the balcony of an exclusive hotel… it gets you tight in the pants just thinking that someone could catch you as you pull down her panties and thrust yourself inside her.
Whatever your sexual fantasy or darkest desire, let your imagination take hold, let it run wild until you tip over the edge into pure pleasure and the kind of climax that can only come from a burning desire that has been denied for too long… The next time you book a lady from Sydney Escorts you will be primed and ready, as now is the time that you have been waiting for… Let us take your fantasy and turn it into a mind blowing reality… For you!!!!